A Tea Baggers Judgment

 No matter what your opinion of the Tea Party movement, there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed when it comes to lobbying to Supreme Court Justices.   It was no secret that Virginia Thomas, wife of Justice Clarence Thomas, was a Tea Bagger.   In and of itself, there was nothing wrong with that, she’s perfectly within her rights to join whatever political group she wanted.   The problem was because of her close quarters, being the wife and all, to Justice Thomas, she was creating a conflict of interest.   Here’s the situation;  Say the Tea Party had some agenda item come before the Supreme Court.  Well, due to their affiliation with Virginia, Justice Thomas would be pressured to remove himself from the vote.  Well, the Tea Party needs his vote, so that would be unacceptable.  


So, how do you get around a Supreme Court Justice’s ethical dilemma?   Well, if you’re Virginia Thomas, and you know that your lobbying group is trying to push some of its agenda items to the supreme court, you leave the group.   Look, problem averted.   That is exactly what she has done.   She’s decided the best way for her to continue to support the Tea Party is to create a completely separate lobbying group (Liberty Central Inc.) that through which she can still support the Tea Party, but remove herself from causing a “conflict of interest” problem for her husband Justice Thomas.   Now, the Tea Party can continue with its agenda and not have to worry about loosing Justice Thomas’ vote.   Sneaky Virginia   Very sneaky.   Although, to give her all the credit on this move is probably a stretch, I’m sure there was a meeting behind closed doors somewhere about this.



NOTE:  Personally I love the fact that the Tea Party exists.  It serves so many purposes.  For example: I love the fact that it almost split the GOP into two separate groups.  And I love the fact that they are actually running against each other in political forums, such as the recent Texas Governors race.   I mean, if you can’t get those yahoos in Texas behind a single rightwing nut-job, then you’ve got a serious problem.   I love the fact that it has acted like a sifter so we can more clearly identify the hard core nut-jobs, from the usual uninformed, no vision, knuckle head, that screams against hope and change.

See, it’s not all bad.   :)

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