Due in part to the recent election, we’ve seen the divide between ideals and beliefs grow wider. But beyond that, the divide has grown deeper.  Deeper, in the sense that the middle ground can no longer be seen, almost to the point of nonexistence.

More importantly…  I’m glad.

As everyone keeps saying, “It’s time now to come together. This division among us, only hurts us.” And I’m not going to dispute that.  We as a nation are indeed stronger when we’re not divided. There is one problem with this, though. That chasm is there for a reason. In order to come together, I’d have to see things as the other side sees them, and I simply cannot do that when they are so unwilling to budge or even bend on their viewpoints, viewpoints I consider extreme.  Just as extreme as they see my viewpoints. So we are essentially at an impasse.

The other issue is this; The more extreme stance one side takes, leads the other side to take an equal and opposite (reactive) stance. So the stalemate continues.  It is completely unfair to ask one side or the other to compromise, because when we’ve reached such extremes, even a slight compromise seems like a complete abandonment of ideology. To make matters worse, attempting to bridge the divide is seen as a weakness, BY BOTH SIDES, and is quickly jeered and pounced upon by detractors.  The role of “moderate” is dead.

Right now is when I should be saying something like, “This can be fixed, if we all just lower our extreme views and try to see eye to eye, for the good of the country.”  But that would be overly simplistic, and a lie. Instead I’m going to tell you that any hope you had of these two sides coming together, is a pipe dream. This chasm has grown too wide and WAY too deep.  And I’m fine with that. Oh, it’s not how I’d prefer it by any means…  But I’m not going to lie to myself just so I can bridge gaps with people I couldn’t possibly agree with.  And nobody should.

Yes. Nobody should be selling their soul just to get a little bit of work done. I think that’s the sum of the point I’m trying to make here.  I’m tired of my side (yes I said “MY SIDE”) compromising our lives away, just so the other side can steamroll a piece of crap legislation through congress.  I’m tired of being on the side that constantly tries to work with and bend to the other sides will… just to keep the peace. I’m tired of being told that we should put our differences aside and come together…  Fine, I’ll come to the table, as soon as they drop those pitchforks and torches.  But that’s never going to happen, and I see no reason why I should pick up a torch and follow them into the abyss.

To end, I’m sure the other side feels the same way. In fact, I know they do, as they have proven it to us over the past 8 years. And that’s fine. Perhaps now we can have a proper civil war. Unfortunately, I think that’s the only way we’ll be able to understand where our divisive ways can lead us. And YES, I totally understand the irony of what I’m saying.  “Division is bad.” Yet I’m being divisive.  But it is divisiveness with purpose.  (now I just sound like a madman.)

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