The new narrative

The War on Intellect and The War on Science

Yeah, I said it. I’m sure I’m not the first. But let’s just clear the air and get it out of the way. As the Republicans love to give us wars…  “The War on Christmas”, “The War on Religion (Christianity)”, “The War on Guns”, “The War on Fetuses”, “The War on ‘Southern Heritage’”… etc, etc.  Wars that only made sense to them, btw.  So now, I’m going to feel VERY free to throw a couple of these WARS back at them.

Welcome to the new Trump narrative… The Dark Ages 2.0

I give you…

The War on Intellect.
The War on Science.

There isn’t a single person here who hasn’t heard the right wing throw out the term, very loosely I may add, “The intellectual Elite” in a very derogatory.  Adding a touch of distaste and even contempt in their voices, as though they were casually discussing an incurable STD.  The right has made intellect and people with intellect, into a narrative of disease and disgust.  Something you might find two schoolyard bullies doing on the playground during recess.  As if being smart IS the problem with the world today.

Make no mistake though; we are entering into a new age of suppression. A Dark Ages 2.0, if you will. A backlash by millions of people who have simply grown tired of NOT UNDERSTANDING the expanding world around them. Like nature intended…  they feared what they did not understand, and were forced to devolve to their most primal instinct, attack. Attacking what makes you uncomfortable or things that are difficult to handle, is a natural and common response.  These fears are why we are currently seeing such an upswing in anti-science, anti-facts, and anti-intellegence types of rhetoric among our current populous.  Too much of a good thing can be frightening, if you’re not part of the good thing. And so they move to suppress.

The War on Intellect; Meh, it’s not much of a war.  Not yet anyway.
But, The War on Science…  Well, that’s real and we are currently witnessing the lengths this country is willing to go to, to ignore, debunk, and completely alter facts and the scientific community.

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