Osama bin Ladin is DEAD. yay

As the news of Osama bin Ladin’s death reverberates across the world, I find it remotely disturbing that people actually think they are safer now than they were a mere 3 days ago.

The fact is, this snake has many heads, and the next head after bin Ladin’s, has more experience in the world of terror than bin Ladin ever had.   But to know this is also to know that Al-Qaida doesn’t necessarily work under one supreme command.  It’s generals are many, and though it follows a figurehead chain of command the regional cells can diversely work on their own.   Al-Qaida isn’t going anywhere.   This isn’t something we can end by the killing of one man, or even 10 men.   By our own actions through this world we create recruits.   Every time we kill an innocent or even not so innocent brother, son, father, mother, or child, we enroll a new member of potential suicide bombers.   We are the architects of our own future enemies.   Clearly there are more circumstances than what I have described that add to creating this state of humanity, socioeconomic and social climate to name a couple.   But I see no true answer to solving this predicament.   At least not a clear one.

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  1. Cem Says:

    The people and our reaiseentptrves of the USA lack dignity, pride, and patriotism in the name of liberalism and worse. Why are we allowing a select group of Muslim people, who are reaiseentptrves of terrorists, to build a victory mosque in NYC? Do we have no sense of right and moral anymore? The people attacked and killed innocents in our city. We have a right to be pissed off. We have a right to say no. We have a right to say get out. What the hell is wrong with the people in this country? We are being mocked by the world and rightly so. We are weak. Where are the laws that say the people of this country have a right to be proud of this country? Why are we empowering a religion that is based on the death and destruction of others? If the muslim people want to practice in this country fine we are a country with religious freedom. But we don’t have to empower them. We were the ones that were attacked. They should aologize to us for crazy people acting in the name of their religion. They should be willing to over compensate to show they are not part of that crazy group. They should be willing to not build their mosque in NYC and expecially in the area of the WTC. Where has the American dignity and pride gone. I’m pissed off and I won’t apologize for that.

  2. admin Says:

    In reply to Cem;
    Well, it’s good that you’re pissed off about something. But I think you may be a little misguided at exactly who or what you are pissed off at. Muslims are people. The Muslim religion is filled with people. People are flawed. All people are flawed. What you are witnessing is groups of people that are acting in a horrible way, possibly reacting to their environment and things that have happened either directly or indirectly to them. Such as the 911 attack has happened to you. And like you, they react in irrational ways, lashing out at something they have identified as a threat.

    This “acting out” isn’t uncommon. And to the individual is clearly justified and is clear in conscious and spirit.

    This however doesn’t justify their actions. Nor does it absolve you from yours.

    So, take a second to really look at what happened. Are all Muslims responsible for 911? Or was it a group of insane assholes that unfortunately just happen to be Muslim?

    Before you argue the point of, “But, their Muslim religion tells them to declare Jihad!”
    Uh huh… And how many times have Christians killed in the name of Jesus? Plenty. Never underestimate the power we humans have for misunderstanding something or interpreting something to suit our own crazy needs.

    So get pissed. It’s okay. But direct your anger at the proper people and for the right reasons.

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