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   As the conflict in Libya continues in stalemate, more than 200 protestors in Syria are gunned down by Bashar Assad’s regime.  Yet, there’s no help for the unarmed protestors?  In Libya we stepped in before that many people had died, so why not in Syria?   Where is the UN resolution?   Where are the US fighter plains bombing “air defence” targets?   Where is the protective custody of Syria’s civilian population?   Are they not worthy of any of these things?   Why do we leave them, or any of the other countries going through the same thing, to simply fend for themselves?    Not enough oil for it to be worth it?

   The fact is, this country has lost interest in the middle east.   Oh sure, it was front and center on many social networking sites and news media when Egypt was tearing it all down, but now…  Well, not so much.   We’re more concerned with gas prices going up.   And we’re not even asking why!   “Oh people are dying in the name of Freedom?   Yeah, but they’re not paying $4 a gallon.”   The media knows we don’t care.   Although you’ll still see the Lybian conflict in a broadcast, or in the paper, it’s growing smaller and smaller by the day.   You’ll hear even less about Bahrain, where a similar conflict still wages on.   When is the last time Afghanistan was in the news?    The media knows we have a weak attention span.   They should know, they developed it.   We have fed upon a meal of socially retarded cookies.   Everything in little tidbits of information, easy to digest regardless of content.  Easy to handle and  swallow, because there’s little room or time for conscious thought or examination.   We don’t chew our information anymore, we gulp and swallow, good information and bad.  

   This has bled over into our social awareness.   Today’s righteous cause will be tomorrow’s joke on late night TV.   We gulp, we swallow, we move on.   Never stopping to chew on how things may actually be.    Oh we’ll stop every now and then to chew on something that tastes good, some sweet little morsel of inane entertainment.   After all, it’s so much more enjoyable to eat candy than to eat the bitter vegetables of reality.

   Perhaps the problem is, there’s too much information, too many righteous causes, and there’s no possible way to chew them all?   We can’t possibly undertake each cause, or take the time to mull over all the information we’re constantly being bombarded with.  So we gulp and swallow, out of sheer need to maintain sanity.

   I have no suggestion for this situation, other than for each of us to attempt to sift through the cookies that are put before us, and try to pull out something healthy every once in a while, no matter how bad it may taste, and really chew on it.   And when you’re done, find your voice and tell us about it.

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  1. admin Says:

    PS. 70 more people died in Syria today.
    How many before we step in? Are we going too? Don’t you think the Syrian people are feeling a little slighted right now? I mean, we did proclaim ourselves the “Defenders of the Free World”. I guess that only applies to the Free World that has something we want.

  2. admin Says:

    And another 200 more dead, 2 days after I wrote that.

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