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It’s Up to the Media to Make Sure They’re Right.

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

A story in the Washington Post just came out about Trump giving up classified information to the Russians during a closed meeting.  A meeting TASS was allowed to attend, btw.

This is why truth in the media is of the upmost importance right now.  This very story could be a benchmark on which the media, as a whole, is judged in the coming years.

We the people cannot afford to have our watchdogs dismissed because they can’t be trusted. And the media cannot afford to be so flippant in its message.  Too much is at stake.  


In a time when facts are being treated as “questionable information”, it has become imperative that every word in the media be vetted and qualified. Because, if Trump succeeds in subverting truth, then he wins and we lose. So let’s hope this story is worth its weight in gold.  Because if it’s not. That’s one more nail in the coffin.