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Here’s why Donald Trump is actually dangerous.

Friday, August 7th, 2015

A thought on Donald Trump.  While we all get a good laugh and get to poke fun at him and his ridiculous ways, we need to pay attention.  Donald Trump is a distraction.

Over the years the Republican party has used a “Flashbulb” distraction tactic to cover their actions.  Much like the famously used Bush Tax Refunds of the early 2000’s, Donald Trump is offered to us on a silver platter.  And it worked.  With his brand of crazy, we’re all getting a huge laugh and listening to every moronic word coming out of his mouth and focusing on him, almost completely.  While all our attention is on Trump, none of us are really listening to what the OTHER morons are saying and believe me, they are saying a lot.  But they are talking, and they’re able to say a LOT of crazy shit right now while nobody is paying attention.   They’re using him to such great effect, that you don’t even realize just how batshit crazy the other candidates are.  He actually makes them look sane, which is exactly what he’s supposed to be doing.

Trumps other job is to unite the party.  The republican party knows they cannot afford another Tea Party, primarily a split in the party, dividing their disenfranchised “dirt conservatives” from their “corporate conservatives”.  ( I believe I’ve explained this in previous posts.  If not, I’ll do that later.)  However, by adding Trump into the mix, they’ve given themselves something that they can unite over.  Or should I say something they can unite against, WITHIN their party.  Uniting against a Democrat wasn’t enough and still caused the party to split. Trump is their beacon of light (or darkness) from within the party, and he will be used effectively as such.

So give so much time to ol’ Donald.  He’s a tool.  Pay attention to the other candidates and listen to what they’re saying.  I think you’ll find they are considerably more dangerous.