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They told us so…

Friday, June 13th, 2014

What you are seeing in Iraq, is not unexpected.  Or at least not to those “in the know”.  This was foretold in great detail to us, Congress, White House, DOD and anyone else who would listen, by intelligence agents and advisors on many different levels.  Who btw, were discarded, discredited, and shunned by a greedy administration, hell bent on furthering their ambitious goals.  $$$

Further more, This situation is going to occur in Afghanistan as well.  Despite all our best efforts and all the tax dollars we throw at it, we cannot change these regions by our typical method of operation.  Our usual; remove a tyrant, install new tyrant, throw a flag over it, add a curtain of cash and call it Victory, simply isn’t a winning strategy.  Although our “Hearts and Minds” project is a small step in the right direction, as far as our troops interactions with locals go… That doesn’t even begin to address our larger problem of how we approach foreign relations and establish our presence in the regions as an occupying force. Or how we are responsible for these horrible puppet governments in the first place.

This is in no way a slight to the troops seriously trying to do the right thing on the ground.  It’s just unfortunate that their government, our government, strives to undermine their work at every turn.  Making it impossible to succeed at their mission.

In short, the situation in Iraq is set forth by our actions in the larger theater of foreign policy, and by the mindset of a thousand years of indigenous turmoil, and a socio and geo-political system we have yet to understand.  Throwing money at it… like the rich bully we are, isn’t going to solve anything.

Perhaps we should try education and compassion?

Question for the religious

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

So I was reading something on FB that was reposted and somehow ended up in front of me.  As I’m sure you’ll easily deduce, it’s from parents of a child with cancer.  Here’s the post:

Scream it from the rooftops, that our God is Able!!!! We praise God this morning for the wonderful news from DJ’s MRI yesterday. Me Ashlei and DJ’s doctor all hugged and cried tears of joy and happiness when she gave us the results. This is absolutely the best bday/father’s day gift I could ever ask for. I can’t thank God enough for what he’s doing in DJ’s life. Also thank you all for your continued prayers. God is listening to them all. I’ll never fully know the reasoning that we were placed on this journey but I pray that God be glorified by it. Remember nothing is impossible for God, don’t put limitations on what he can do. He wants us to make our request known to him. We look forward to sharing many more praise reports with our Team DJ family. We can’t tell you thank you enough for all y’all do.

Now, as much as I feel for this family and I’m happy that their son is receiving good news about his condition, and I truly am, I have a question.

In this post the father gives God all the credit for the good news, and even goes so far as to say, “I can’t thank God enough for what he’s doing in DJ’s life.”  This one sentence alone was enough to give me pause and then ask,
“But isn’t God the one who gave him cancer in the first place?”

This has ALWAYS confused me about religious people.  They say God is all powerful and nothing happens in this world without his divine touch.
So I ask them what about murder and war.
To that they answer, “God gives man free will. Man is responsible for those things.”
Then I say. Well. Okay. But what about everything else that Man has no control over?
That’s when I get the canned answer, “That’s God testing our faith.”

Really, God is testing the faith of children, by starving them and killing them, and doing the most horrible things imaginable to them…  Small children?  Babies?  If God is what the Christians say he is, then he’s powerful enough to stop the suffering of all children everywhere, right?  Unless of course he’s a sick fuck that enjoys the suffering of children, and causes it.  So either God is a horrible being, or God doesn’t really exist.  Which is it?

So what, is the faith of the DJ’s father and mother being tested right now?  Because I’m pretty sure that they’ve consumed the KoolAid in mass amounts.  And as sure as I am about that… I’m pretty sure that if DJ knew that somebody was forcing this upon him… as some sort of test, a test he really couldn’t fully understand.  He’d probably tell the sick bastard to fuck off.

Blind belief is a scary thing.  I wish at some point, people could have a moment of pure logic.  Just 5 minutes worth would be enough.

Think of it this way.  If you saw a child running into traffic, and you had it in your capability to simply grab the child’s hand and prevent them from meeting a horrible end, would you do it?  You know nothing of the child, and the child doesn’t even know or care if you exist.  Would you still do it?

Now consider this, the Christian GOD, would not.
And even by the Christian standards…  God would only do it… If asked, by a lot of people. “…thank you all for your continued prayers. God is listening to them all.”
Sounds like a nice guy, huh.

Consider further this, “I’ll never fully know the reasoning that we were placed on this journey but I pray that God be glorified by it.”

The above statement alone is bizarre.  It’s like he’s saying.  I know my child is suffering, but I’d like to stroke Gods ego, and thank him for doing this to our child.  It’s truly a wonderful thing.  WTF?!!

So I continue my search for enlightenment, in hopes of finding a redeeming aspect to Christianity. Something that makes sense.  Because I’d really like to have that look and feeling of complete ignorant faith.  I just can’t find it.