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Find a real source…

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Everything we see and hear, must be carefully weighed, deconstructed, analysed, and then vetted over a period of time. It’s unfortunate, but even more important now with mass communication being available to any Shmuck with a keyboard and internet connection.

Not every news source can get it right 100% of the time. Specially with todays “Twitter Feeding” culture, but I choose my sources carefully, by the ones who REALLY apologise when they make a mistake, and truly make less mistakes than others.

Some, build on a lie and start from there. They’re usually unapologetic when called on their misinformation, or worse, try to defend it.

This doesn’t mean you should discount every source that’s made a mistake… you’d wind up with nobody.
Take care in what and who you listen too. Anyone with an agenda… left or right… isn’t trying to inform you, they’re trying to mentally purchase your support. It may come gift wrapped as helpful information, but it is ultimately coming with a string attached.

Listen to multiple sides. Filter out whatever bias you can, and judge the information, not by its persentation, but by its content and substance. Then determine if you have enough information to truly form an honest opinion.

Above all else. Be willing to listen to new information, and be able to change your mind. And, do not judge others based on an opinion you believe to be true, nor look poorly upon those whose opinions have changed over time.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I often find myself judging people with extremely conservative opinions.  I see them as dim-witted, narrow minded inbreds with little to offer world as a whole.  I know, logically, I shouldn’t… That I should master my prejudice and  open my mind to the possibility that they could be right.

But then they open their mouth and speak.  I find myself unable to comprehend their level of stupidity.  It boggles my mind and sends waves of fear through my body.  This person… this idiot before me… with their self-rightousness and their complete inability to decypher reality from his/her narrow minded world of hate of all things true and honest…   [deep inhale]  They are on the same roads I am!!  This person is going to kill me.

Well, it’s usually something like that.

I find that as I get older, it becomes harder not to say anything.  Like, time seems more important now than it did a few minutes ago, and I really shouldn’t be wasting it on these morons.  So I fall pray to my own pet-peeve, and become a narrow minded bigot like “them.”  Then in some weird way, my brain makes me feel better, “Ah, but YOU are a biggot of Truth and Enlightenment…  You are the solution, not the problem.”

Jesus, how crazy does that sound?  Almost Hitler-like…  What the hell is wrong with me?  Heh, heh… ughhh.