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Syria, an impossibly sticky hot mess.

Friday, August 30th, 2013

This is a terribly difficult situation.  What do you do?  Do you stand by idly while people are getting gassed, or do you continue your constant intrusion into foreign countries, furthering your deplorable foreign policy?  My heartfelt need to help prevent the use of chemical weapons, weighs heavily on my beliefs that we should keep our dirty little fingers out of everyone else’s business.

I suppose I should make the distinction of chemical vs. conventional weapons.  Are chemical weapons worse?  Well, yes, they are.  By their indiscriminate, extensive, and painful killing methods, they are a bit worse.  And by all manner of global consensus, their use is criminal.  Even in war, they are criminal.  But aren’t most bombs, whether being dropped by aircraft or launched from some remote locations, indiscriminate, extensive, and painful?  Okay, so maybe not to the extent of chemical weapons, but not so little that you can say, “they only hit targeted people.”  We all know that’s not true.  And devastation and loss of life and limb to civilians is equally horrendous.  It’s indiscriminate, extensive, and painful.  So how do I determine the differences to be enough to go against my core beliefs and cause me to demand intervention?  I don’t know yet? 

I do not trust our government.  Nor do I trust the governments of other nations.  Nothing is clear, and nothing is ever done on behalf of humanity’s sake.  Not by governments anyway.  I’d love to be proven wrong, but how many times must we repeat history before we wise up?  Any aid from us is never a freely given exchange, there’s always a price.  Most of us will never hear of the true costs of our “Aid” and only later (after a revolt) will we even begin to understand the nature of our “friendship”.   Even then, most of you will believe some propaganda-ish spin, where we were the good guys, and how the “terrorists” only want to kill you.  This is the environment we create.  This is what our “help” gives us in return.  This is why I struggle with the idea of “helping” those poor people getting gassed.  It’s not right, and it’s not fair.

So, I’m asking for pros and cons.  Give me some arguments, both for and against our eventual aid (bombing/military action).

Thanks, and good luck.

When will it be enough? (domestic spying culture)

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

At what point do the American people decide they’ve had enough of the governments prying eyes?  How much is too much for you?  Are you okay with giving them the keys to your private life, just for the sake that it MAY make you more secure? 

I get tired of the ignorance of people who say, “Well, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, than you have nothing to hide.”   

Come on, do you honestly believe that is a viable defense of an illegal search and seizure of your private digital conversations, your private life?  It’s not. 

Most of us are not criminals, most of us aren’t terrorist.  So why should we care, then?  The answer to that question is pretty simple.  Often when the rights of people are easily bypassed with little or not challenge from the people themselves, it creates an environment ripe with abuse.  Knowing what you know of history, can you take the chance that your government won’t abuse their power?  If you think about it logically, you know that anyone given enough power will corrupt over time.  It can’t be helped.

Sadly that’s not even the worst of it.  Our government has already proven that they cannot be trusted with the powers we give them.  They keep (attempt to keep) secrets, not from our enemies, but from you and me. They do this because they know that if we ever found out what they were doing, we would stop them.  Even the politicians that know these secrets, completely deny it, for fear of the repercussions.  That’s why you’re seeing such a scramble to capture and prosecute the whistle blowers like Edward Snowden, and Bradley Manning.  Whose only crime is trying to alert the people of our government’s illegal activities.  Because our government fears what these people have to say, and the information they control.  They fear the leaks of their other spying programs, and the effect that will have on, not national security but, how badly they’ve violated our trust. 

They’ve already got Bradley Manning, and effectively hindered Julian Assange, but mark my words, within the next few weeks you’ll see a smear campaign against Edward Snowden, in a loosely veiled attempt to discredit him.  This is what our government does.  It will place some sort of heinous  act within Mr. Snowden’s vicinity to press the idea that he is an undesirable figure.  This should pressure the Russian government to kick him out.  Because nobody wants to defend a ______(place dishonorable thing here)_____.   I’m guessing, given the current climate of Russia, they’ll say he’s gay, and has sex with kids. That should be enough.  It may just take a few weeks to get the images photoshoped.   And hey, with the vast amount of information they have ripped out of cyberspace, they may even throw in a picture of you, just for good measure.


Don’t answer that…

Toaster Gods, nano is coming

Monday, August 5th, 2013

The dust settled, my eyes cleared, and there he stood. Six feet in front of me.


“You are a machine.” he said.


My hair burned with pain, I stuttered my words as they fell from my lips, “I-I-I’m not a machine…”


He interrupted, “You are as much a machine to them, as I am to you.” He miss took a step, and corrected himself quickly. I could almost see a wincing of pain in his face.


“I’m NOT a machine!” I almost pleaded, “I’m Human! Flesh and blood. Organic, for god sake!!”


His face changed and he almost cracked a smile, “Organic… Organic is just word. A material. A building block. Much like your silicon or metal, used to create your machines.” He raised his hands slightly to look at them, “You are material. Advanced, self aware material. Your creators have come to judge you, ‘God’ is not here.”


“S.A.M.” I thought to myself, “…Self Aware Material, that’s what was on those canisters. Son of a…” and before I could finish the thought, he continued.


His faced changed again, slightly annoyed maybe, his voice lowered, “You got dangerous. That is why they sent you here. This hellish rock. Prepped and cleared, just for you… They never stopped loving you. They just couldn’t keep you.”


I attempted to roll over to Illianna, and grab her gun, still strapped to her leg. I had to move fast. He was close, but slowed from our exchange.


No sooner did I lay my fingertip on the cover of her holster than a sudden and piercing pain shot through my shoulder. I could feel his metal hands crushing my shoulder as he rolled me back over onto my back. His face now a mere inch away from my own I could see his internals struggling to make it work.


“Imagine their surprise, when they came back to find you replacing yourselves in their image.” he said, almost gloating, with a smile so inappropriate, only a machine could make. “You are indeed a menace.”