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Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the Patriot Act.

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

First, Good for him. I totally agree with the actions taken by Edward Snowden. I think maybe he should have thought out his escape more clearly, but whatever. And his rush to come out seemed, I dunno, somewhat insincere, almost clouded his true intentions. Regardless, it’s done. It needed to be done.


But, hasn’t it already been done? Haven’t you heard all this before? You should have. I’m glad people are finally starting to pay attention, but why has it taken so long? The NSA is spying on you. This can’t possibly be the first time you’ve heard this? So why is it just now becoming an issue worth looking into? This shouldn’t have caught anyone by surprise, and yet I think it actually may have.


And what really frustrates me, is that people get stuck or caught up on a code name or keyword, when what they really need to look at is the main infrastructure that these smaller bits of Black Ops where built on. The Patriot Act.


The creation of policy in secret, avoidance of accountability and the ability to spy on the American public is the very basis of the Patriot Act. This bit of legislation open a Pandora’s Box of domestic and global information grabbing that can only be compared to policies of the late 1960’s Soviet Union. And we allowed this? Yeah. We did.


Many people have been screaming about the blatant omission of our civil liberties through the heavy vial of patriotism, fear, safety and any number of poor excuses the politicians steamrolled the American public with. Their words of warning were ignored, and worse, some of those who shouted the loudest, were attacked and berated for their concerns. “Unpatriotic,” and “Un-American” were the easiest things and by my own experience the nicest things the “Super-Patriots” would say.


I suppose, after the Berlin Wall came down, and the collapse of the Soviet Union’s communist rule over much of eastern Europe, somebody had to pick up the torch of Ultimate Intrusive Overlord. Why not us. And the Patriot Act was just the tool for the job.


So the next time you hear about another (because we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface) NSA super-secret domestic spying program. I want you to realize if you really want to take a keystone out of their spying game, you’re going to have to tackle the Patriot Act.