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The Greatest Healthcare System in the World.

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Our healthcare system isn’t run on the basis of human interest or the wellbeing of our society. No, it’s based on dependence and how long they can they can keep you alive.  It’s a mutual agreement between pharmaceutical manufacturers and insurance companies.  Your health is dependent on how much money can be made from your continued existence.  

Doctors and hospitals are merely the middle men, becoming the means to prepare and dispense the onslaught of treatments that will overwhelm your life and put you on a steady flow financial bloodletting.  As pure of heart and intent as the Doctors and Nurses are, they are powerless to fight their masters.  Pharmaceutical companies can buy and sell hospitals at will.  Hospitals have boards of directors. Directors have the responsibility to make money and earn a profit.  Since a law was passed in 2010, the pharmaceutical companies have been forced to cut most of their direct payments to Doctors, but a loophole opened up that would allow them to deal directly with the boards and board members of private hospitals. Hence, a working relationship is born.  The orders now come from above.

As the prices for drugs reach all-time highs and generic medications being pushed out by fraudulent legislation and bad patent practices, I don’t hear the public outcry that I’d expect from such a FREE society.  In fact I still hear people defending the pharmaceutical companies with comments like, “Well, don’t they deserve to make the money from the drugs they develop? They spend the money on research and development, and they should see a return on their investment.”  That statement is perhaps one of the most misleading arguments there has ever been.  It invokes ones sense of fairness and what’s right in the eyes of the law and morality.  But, it doesn’t address the truth.  For the truth is much more complicated.

The truth.  The truth is, Yes, they do the research and development, but not to help us, but to hinder us from true wellbeing and good health.  They are not interested in curing us of our ills, but to keep us dependent on them to feel as though we are in good health.  We are NOT in good health.  The research they are doing is to create a false sense of health.  They are not researching cures, but merely pauses in symptoms or progressions.  They don’t want you to be cured.  There’s no money in a cure.  And I’m tired of people saying, “But why wouldn’t they make a cure? They could charge an outrageous price and make billions!”  Why would they do that when they can charge an outrageous price for a drug that you’d have to pay monthly for, and make TRILLIONS.   They want to be the cure.  And as long as you pay them every month… you can be “as good as cured.”

The final argument that I’ve grown tired of is, “but without the (super-rich) pharmaceutical companies, we’d have no good research being done. They’ve done so much good.”  My reply to that is, BULLSHIT. As I’ve just explained to you earlier, they aren’t doing you any favors. Secondly, do you honestly believe that good and true research would suddenly and magically stop?  Cures will be found in true labs, publicly/privately funded labs, by doctors and scientists that haven’t been bought and paid for by large corporations.  These are the labs that need our help and access to information.  Information, that is currently being bought up by the giant pharmaceutical companies, patented and locked away.

Our healthcare system is broken.  Despite some of the good intentions of the caregivers, you are being farmed.  Remember, cures are out there.  An innovative new “drug treatment”, isn’t necessarily a cure.  It could simply be a way to give you the feeling of progress, without giving you true health.

Guantanamo. Nobel Peace Prize, what?

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

President Obama, it’s time for you to give back your Nobel  Peace Prize.  First let us all just come to the realization that you only won the Nobel Prize because you weren’t George Bush.  The world was so happy to see that asshole go that they would have given it to a pet rock, or anyone who even appeared to be less of a war mongering megalomaniac.  Okay, in all fairness, Dick Cheney was the war mongering megalomaniac.  Ol’ Georgy-boy was just kind of the lint in his pocket, taggin’ along.  At any rate, Obama didn’t really do much to secure that Nobel.

In fact, Obama hasn’t really done much to earn the right to keep that Nobel, but more over he’s become less of a candidate than the world originally hoped for.  We expected him to come in guns blazing and right the wrongs of the former administration.  What we got was blindsided with further expansions of invasive legislation and smoke screen policies.  Everything from FEMA (prison) camps, to over extending executive powers, to domestic drones, to legally assassinating U.S. citizens in foreign countries without so much as an arrest warrant or Interpol notification of intent to question affidavit.  All these things were unexpected, and completely swept through without so much as a sneeze by this peace prize winner.  Yes, Obama had some small social achievements,  but I feel like those were given to us as consolation.

This brings me to the main topic of this article, our black eye, the continued detention of foreign nationals at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.  Hundreds of people, yes people, being held without due process, as suspects, or for simply holding the title of “Enemy of the State.” These people have no representation, no rights, no countries, no laws to see that they treated justly or humanely.  Most are being held without ever being charged.  Permanently held without hope and left to rot.

Right about now some of you are getting a little pissed at me.  Don’t I know that these are bad people and some have committed crimes against humanity?  How could I be so shallow?  I get it, I understand.  I’m all for locking up those who killers and committed atrocities and deeds of ill will.  I’m not opposed to that.  What I am opposed to, in great detail is holding people under a blanket of with no oversight, no means for them to plead their case and nobody seeking a true and honest justice in the matter.  If these people are criminals than charge them with something, try them in the eyes of the court and convict them. Sentence them to terms and seek justice.  True and honest Justice.  If they’re guilty incarcerate them. If they’re not, LET THEM GO.

These simple ideas of the right to a trial, the right that that trial be held in a swift manner, and the right to representation to put up a defense against the charges you are being accused of, are some of the building blocks of our belief system and our Constitution.  If we fail to live by our convictions once out of our own territory, should we be allowed to hold others accountable to our standards around the world?  Can you imagine if Guantanamo was being run by another country?  We’d be out of our minds, screaming, “LET THOSE PEOPLE GO!!!”  Can you imagine if those were our people in that prison?  Think about that before you go off to do something fun and forget them for a while.

So Mr. President, do something.  At least try to earn that Prize.  You need to.  We DEMAND that you do.