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Guns don’t kill people. People with guns, kill people.

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.  I suppose that’s kinda like saying, “HIV doesn’t kill people. People with HIV, kill people.”  Sounds pretty stupid doesn’t it. We don’t spend billions of dollars trying to eradicate HIV for nothing…  What’s a bigger threat to mankind, HIV or guns? I wonder…  as self-defense goes, would you be equally as safe if you had a sign around your neck that said, “I have HIV”?

Now before you comment in furious anger, I totally realize this is a simplistic argument. But I want you to consider its merit. If you have something that causes death, but only does so when combined with humans, wouldn’t you look to remove that factor from play? Regardless of its composition? The two clearly cannot mingle together without SOMETHING dying.  You wanna shoot at beer cans, glass bottles, milk jugs, or even at each other… Get a paintball gun. You wanna protect yourself, here’s a Taser.  You wanna hunt? Go get a bow and arrow set, like a real stud. The Native Americans did it, and they saved our pasty white asses several times.

I dunno, the more I try to argue for the right to own guns, the more I seem to find arguments that go against my beliefs.  It’s truly a perplexing issue.

Armed conflict in a domestic environment could have the opposite effect on goals of the oppressed.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

I used to be of the mind that eventually there would come a time when our government and our self-created  Military Industrial Complex would overreach its grip on our populous.  I also believed that an armed response was the only means of defending the sovereignty we think we have today. I have since come to the realization that there are more than one, simple, and clear entities working hard to control how we act, what we think, and who we trust. I have also come to the realization that these forces have achieved many of their goals, not by force, but by a very long and extensive friendship.  I no longer believe we can arm ourselves, defeat the evil empire and win back our freedoms.  The evil empire now resides within.

The reason other oppressive regimes and governments failed was because they pitted themselves against the people. Ruling over the people with an iron fist and intimidating them into following along. There was a clear and concise enemy to point the finger at. Something tangible for the people to get angry at, and defeat.  The people could rise up and free themselves from the tyranny of their governments and win.  These regimes were clear in their overall goals and purposely stood out to establish their dominance. This also placed the target precisely on them, and they could be surgically cut out, by force if necessary.

What we face in America is completely different. The government, the Military Industrial Complex, the corporate and financial institutions… These are all shadows  within our own homes.  We’re raised with them, we bring them with us to work, to school, to the park. They’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that they are allowed into your bedroom and watch over you, and protect you. They’ve managed to build the illusion of security and freedom.  They’ve learned from the failed attempts of other regimes. Fear no longer comes from the oppressive nature of the small circle of men at the top, it comes from outside. Outside of the imaginary dome of peace and love. Fear comes from foreign lands and monsters from across the ocean.   

The Military Industrial Complex builds monsters for us, then destroys them, only to rebuild them again and again. The executive and legislative branches of government work endlessly to build the illusion of giving power to the people, while their greatest ability is to be able to blur the picture of truth. The corporate and financial entities are there to pacify us. Entertainment is the death of your consciousness. Fear, apathy, passivity, and complacency, these are the true enemies of our society.  And it is through these that “they” control this nation.

The enemy is within us. This is why an armed movement against our own government will never work.  For one, No man, no matter how well armed, is going to defeat the ultimate army on this planet. Moreover, you wouldn’t even get that far. You’d simply disappear and get yourself locked away on a FEMA “Safety Center”. (Which by the way, can hold thousands of “disaster victims” quite securely, as in “maximum security” secure.)  Secondly, there is no clear enemy. Who are you going to attack? The President? Congress? The Senate? Most of them have no clue what their true purpose is. A lot of them are mere puppets, grounded to the same beliefs you have, that they’re there to do the work of the people. The puppet masters reside amongst them and in dark corners of their offices. Every once in a while you’ll see their names pop up in a report here and there. So really a frontal assault isn’t realistic, and will end badly. In all honesty, an armed defense is equally futile. Do you really think you’ll be able to fend off a military strike aimed at you or your home? Not so much.

No my friends, the revolution will not be won through an armed conflict. As much as I believed it would, I’m now confident that will not. That doesn’t mean I’m anti-gun, I still support the right to own a weapon. It means that I believe there is only one way a revolution can successfully occur.  And that’s by changing your mindset. Taking the tactics of your adversary and slowly, steadily, change the way things work and how you operate within the system. There are many ways to accomplish meaningful change. You’ll need to speak with your voice and your money.  Change the way you live. Show them that you cannot be controlled. Demand more, and do more.  Fight the enemy within, and I believe we’ll have a better tomorrow.

Good luck.