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My first week with the iPhone

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Okay, so I’ve been playing with the iPhone for a week now. 
In the interest of full disclosure, this is a factory unlocked iPhone 4 running 6.0.1, on a T-Mobile service. So, no Siri.
The design is nothing short of sexy. It’s thin, doesn’t feel cheap and plastic, and the iOS is pure silk.
I am having some troubles with it though, but I can’t tell if these were brought on by the horrendous Jailbreaking experience or just basic iOS faults. 

The first problem I have is some of the preinstalled apps aren’t functioning, like; mail, Callendar, maps, Game Center, Weather, and Safari. Due to the sheer amount of the defects I’m going to say that the Jailbreak – Broke them.  This has only dampened my overall experience, and I’m not deducting points for it, as it was my fault.  Although in all fairness, I did undo the Jailbreak before doing the Factory Unlock, but I’m still saying it’s my fault.

The second problem I’m having is no longer an issue with later iPhones. And that is: holding the phone with my left hand covers the antenna and completely disconnects my phone from the network. This is mildly irritating during app use and completely annoying while making a call. I hear a simple fix to get a case.

The third problem I’m having I’m not deducting any points for just yet as I can’t tell exactly who I should be mad at, my carrier service or Apple. One of them isn’t supporting the other and it really SUCKS.  But it GREATLY affects my overall experience, and that’s; No 4G, No 3G.  All I get is Edge. EDGE!!!  Yeah, I’m spoiled.  First World problems, right.  Lol.  You try it… It sucks. QQ  - Plus I think the iPhone 4 was only 3G.

NOTE: The jailbreaking process was terrible. I’m not a hacker but I’m not technologically challenged either. The jailbreaking experience was convoluted and at times, simply retarded.  I place the blame for this torment directly on phone manufacturers. All of them.  Switching a phone service shouldn’t have to be so problematic. Allowing the people to choose their phone service provider and their phone does not have to infringe on the profitability of your phone. There has to be a simpler way to maximize profits while promoting freedom of product choice. Thousands of people are currently using their choice of product and service while making good use of neither.  These are customers, and they deserve better. Also, for the DYI people out there.  Stop wasting your time. Spend the $30 you cheap bastards and Factory Unlock your phone at: (This was not a paid advertisement, but an endorsement by the writer.)

Despite all the setbacks my experience has been positive. The phone holds a decent charge on the battery. It takes beautiful video and decent pictures. Operating the phone is straight forward and easy to manage. Making a call is pretty simple with relatively good quality. Setting up the phone is pretty straight forward with an easy to understand UI. The app store is laid out well with a good amount of free apps.  And it basically feels nice to hold. Screen could be bigger though.
So, there you have it. One week with the iPhone. I hope to fix the broken apps and try to enjoy the phone for the next couple of years. I’ll continue to test its capabilities and report back with any findings.