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Right and Wrong

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Sometimes it comes down to right and wrong.

Team A, is attempting to prevent people from voting.

Team B, is attempting to get more people to vote.

There is a clear cut difference. There are no grey areas.
Would you agree that Team A is in the wrong?
I’ve removed the political party names to make it easier to view the actual issue at hand, and make it clear that there is a legitimate right and wrong to this argument.
If you insist that Team A is in the right, I’d like to hear why you believe that.



My point is this: It doesn’t matter what your team calls themselves, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, Assholes, or Jerks, if your team is acting against the best interest of this country, it’s in the wrong. If it knows it’s in the wrong and continues with malicious intent, than I must argue that it is an enemy of the people.
Let no one say there isn’t a war going on. Not just the wars overseas, but a political war, right here in your front yard. A war waged –not by any military—but by the very people we’ve put into positions of power, the politician puppets and their corporate masters. As the chasm between the classes continues to deepen, we are seeing an ever growing trend of blatant misuses of power by politicians on all sides. This has been taken to extremes by the political far right. I’ll even suggest that they no longer fear the reprisal of the voters. They openly flaunt their defiant activities, where before they would use a bit of secrecy. In some cases they don’t even bother attempting the ol’ smoke and mirrors routine, substituting for a more “in your face” approach to subverting the will of the people. The people have become docile and easy to manipulate. They know this, and they are exploiting it, exploiting us.

I have all but given up on a peaceful means of reform.

As it sits now, they pacify us, with entertainment and comforts. But I see signs that they are losing their perspective. They grow too big and too confident in their methods. The time will come when they become so bold, they start to forget the pacifiers that are in place, and they’ll begin to dismantle them. At that point the curtains will be lifted back, and the light will expose the true conditions of our once great nation. With any luck, the people will rise up, and take back what was once theirs. Even if only for a moment, as the circle will surely come round again.

Time Travel. snag

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Is Time Travel possible?


Time Travel isn’t possible.


By the time that it becomes possible, mankind has developed an incorruptible sense of responsibility.

Which one do you find to be the most likely explanation?

The Arab Spring Water Board.

Friday, September 14th, 2012

A lot has been going on with the world, in relation to the US’s public relations with the modern Islamic world.  I’ve had a lot to consider while trying to form my thoughts and opinions on the events of the past few days.

For posterity sake, I’ll recap what started this chaotic chain of events.

1.       Sam Bassiel (aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) makes a film depicting the Prophet Mohammed as a womanizer, killer and a child molester. With the sole intent to be inflammatory.

2.       Protest/Riots break out all over the Middle East.

3.       The U.S. Embassy in Libya is attacked and the ambassador and three others are killed.

4.       U.S. embassies as well as a German embassy in many other countries are protested and some are overrun.  (as of this moment , there are no other deaths reported.)

It is very important to note that the attack on the embassy in Libya was carried out by a militant group that had been planning the attack/assassination for some time, to mark the 9/11 anniversary.   The protests were in part, either by design or by chance, used as an opportunity for the extremists to carry out their plan.  This makes that particular incident a politically motivated action and not just an out of control mob scene.  There is a difference.

My initial reaction to the violent takedown of our Libyan embassy was a typical, guttural emotion of anger. How could they! And after all we did for them during their Arab Spring moment and civil war?! That they would turn on us, because of some asshole’s movie?  It, it, it just seemed inconceivable.  What a bunch of fuckers.  Mind you, although these thoughts did not last long, I can’t help but admit that the sentiment did linger.

When the face reaction had dissipated, I began thinking logically, and wanted to understand just what happened.  As I followed up on stories of the incident, more situations were unfolding. I thought, “damn, this is some serious hatred they have for us.” I can immediately defend the people of Libya, Egypt, Yemen,  Lebanon, and so many more, by throwing the blanket statement, “It’s not everyone, it’s just the extremists.” And I hope, for the most part, that is the case. The protests were relatively small and seemed like your average hoodlum style rioters.

So, why all the hatred?  It can’t be just a reaction from this movie? I haven’t seen the Muslim community this up in arms since Salman Rushdie.  And I don’t believe they ever assassinated the British Ambassador over that?  Even when our very own dumbass preacher Terry Jones said he was going to burn the Koran, they didn’t react this badly.  This much of a reaction to something someone said or made doesn’t seem logical, or at best highly fanatical to the point of crazy.  So, why this time?

Other than the obvious reasons, I’ll have to do some research and figure it out.  But I’m guessing it has to do with the past 10, 20, or 40 years of US foreign policy.

UPDATE:  US officials are saying that the initial reports from the Libyan state office about the US embassy attacks being an organized attack by militants, is incorrect.

This puts it back to an angry mob COMPLETELY over reacting to some stupid film.   I really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it turns out they’re just assholes.  At least they had something that pissed them off… Not like they were rioting in the streets after their favorite basketball team won.