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Woot!! 5 Year Anniversary!

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Wow, I’ve managed to keep this thing going for 5 years.  I never thought I had that much to say.

Enemy of the State… the state.

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

My mother and I were recently having a political discussion, As usual I was getting cranked up and ranting on about this, that and the other, when she said, “But, the Republicans aren’t the enemy.” This made me take pause. Are they the enemy? Do I see them as the enemy? Is it wrong to think of them as the enemy?


Is it wrong to think of them as the enemy? I’m not fond of the democrats either, or politicians in general. But are the Republicans really an enemy? If so, an enemy to whom?


My immediate thought was, Well, no their clearly not the enemy per say. That would be silly. They’re not blowing up buildings and killing people in the streets, right? Right… ?


As I thought about it, I came to a revelation that there is a good possibility that they (The Republican Party) may very well indeed be an enemy of the state. Think of it as political terrorists holding the fate of the American people hostage. Their tactics are subversive bullying, and extorting our tax money for protection against “the evils of the world”.


I’d have to say that, anyone who deliberately sabotages the collective will of the American people, can and should be considered an enemy of the people. AND that, is precisely what the Republicans did when the American people elected Barack Obama. They did it in our faces. They came out in public and said they would do everything in their power to see the newly elected President fail. Hence becoming a foe to the very will of the American people. So yes. They are the Enemy.


But I suppose by that analogy, I would have to condemn the American people as well. Because shortly after that, the public elected enough Republicans to a majority in the House, and gain quite a few more seats in the Senate. So no. The Republicans aren’t the enemy.


The true enemy here, is the American people. We The People, are our own worst enemies. Soft of mind, soft of body, and incredibly easy to manipulate. The politicians mold us in whatever form they see fit. Never questioning, always reacting, the simple minded populous weighs in on the issues. Issues it doesn’t understand, and honestly doesn’t care that much about. So who is the enemy now?


In my opinion, I still see the Republicans as the enemy. Their continued bullying of the American people, and blatant refusal to work with the current administration, puts them in contempt of our rights as a people to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.