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The Republican Demographic.

Friday, July 13th, 2012

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times… It’s not that I hate Republicans because they’re Republicans, It’s just that the people I hate the most happen to be Republican.  The name Republican or Democrat is nothing more than an identifier for people who have similar beliefs.  Trust me, if the Democrats were the ones fucking up this country so bad, I’d hate them and not the Republicans.  But the simple fact is, they’re not.  It’s the Republicans.  Oh sure you can make the case that all politicians are bad and evil people, I won’t argue that too much.  But if you really look at the facts.  THE HARD FACTS.  Not even the most hardened of GOP’er can argue against the fact that the country has been harmed more times by Republican policies than by the Democrats policies.  Their current agenda of all-out warfare against any bills and legislation brought before congress and the senate, regardless of its affect on our country is more evidence to that fact.  They are hell bent on the complete polarization of this country, and will stop at nothing to see that the current administration fails.  Including sabotage as a viable tactic.  It is my claim that the Republican party is dabbling in what amounts to be treason.


The hardline conservative policies of the Republican party, are based on fear and greed, rather than reason and responsibility.  The Republicans constantly preach about smaller government and freedom, yet they are responsible for an ever growing military (accounting  for the “Military Industrial Complex”), and some of the most freedom-restricting pieces of legislation ever written. EVER!

So what exactly are they preaching about?  It’s clear that what they mean by smaller government, means cutting down on their social responsibilities and sweeping the very lowest of our society under the proverbial poor house (which oddly enough encompasses some of their very own base).  I can hear you republican followers whining right now… “Why should we have to help those low-lifes, they’re just sucking us dry. My taxes.. blah, blah, blah.”  And my personal favorite, “They’re just lazy, and ripping us off! Why don’t they get a job like the rest of us.” A comment I don’t hear so much anymore, now that some of those people who talk like that, don’t have a job themselves.  I mean I get it, I do, the system isn’t perfect and yes you have a small percentage of people who abuse the system, I get it.  And yeah, it pisses me off to see a big-ol’-fat gal with 20 kids, buying $500 worth of Twinkies, with food stamps.  I understand.  But think of the hundreds or thousands of kids that you don’t see. The ones that really need that food, and whose parents or parent, simply need the help to get by.  What about them?  We’ve all needed help once in our lives.  Maybe some of us didn’t have to turn to government aide, but I can bet most of you have gotten help from somebody, somewhere.  And what do you think will happen to those people if you just cut the aide?  Do you think that they will magically get good paying jobs and become good little financially independent capitalists? I can honestly say, I doubt that.  In fact most of them will be pushed to a breaking point and become an even bigger burden to society.  They don’t just disappear, you’re going to be paying for them in one means or another.  Wouldn’t you rather give them a fighting chance?

So, what exactly do the Republicans mean when they say, “We’re for your personal freedoms and rights.”?  I know you’ve had to have heard that. But how can they say that? Over my lifetime, I’ve repeatedly seen the Republicans fight for some of the most personally oppressive laws ever seen on the books. With the exception of one, gun control, these bastards have aligned themselves with some of the most fanatical religious doctrines since the Spanish inquisition.  They try to repress your sexuality, they try to criminalize your right to choose, they try to silence your voice, and they’ve even tried to convince you that they alone should be ones who decide how you raise your children.  All of this based on a faith that you may or may not subscribe too.  And don’t even get me started on how they believe that corporate interests should take priority over your personal interests, or needs for that matter. So what freedoms are they talking about?  My guess would be THEIR FREEDOMS. The freedom to shove THEIR religious views down your throat. The freedom to force you to say what THEY want you to say. The freedom to deny you the same rights they have because you’re a different color, don’t speak their language, or don’t have a conventional relationship, like them.

You’ve got four different types of Republicans.

The first type, the Type A, are your wealthy businessmen.  I mean the really wealthy, like sit in house sized offices talking on the phone to curiously obscure minions telling them to “get it done, and keep it quiet…”, wealthy.  These are the men who truly run our government, no matter what political party happens to be in office. These are your extreme minority within the party, yet completely control its agenda.  They are to be feared.

Next you have your Type B.  These are the professional minions of the Type A’s. They are your second tear wealthy Americans.  Not as wealthy as your Type A’s, but considerably wealthier than any of us. They are the most dangerous of the bunch, tasked with carrying out the agenda of the Type A’s.  They are the Generals, as you would say, truly evil.  In fact, Dick Cheney is a Type B.  Still a minority in the party, yet they wield a vast arsenal of influential weaponry.

Then you have your Type C’s, the wannabe Type B’s.  They follow the Type B’s every command, and are totally unaware of the existence of the Type A’s.  The Type C’s, although not lacking in drive, simply lack the skills and mental competence to ever achieve the rank of Type B. You can find them usually with their noses firmly up the boss’s ass or at a local young Republicans meeting.  These are by far the saddest members of the Republican party, as their life is a constant disappointment.  They’re just smart enough to understand how wrong they are, and just mean enough not to stop. (Where as Type B’s, flourish in their evilness.)

Between the A’s, B’s, and C’s, they only make up about 25% of the Republican party.

The last type, the Type D’s, make up the overwhelming majority of the Republican party, and that’s your typical stupid, racist redneck. These mental lightweights are simply too dumb to understand what is going on, and really can’t make heads or tails of an issue.  They generally look for leadership from conservative media outlets and talk show hosts and are all too happy to copy-paste that rhetoric into any political conversation. This really isn’t their fault though.  They have been raised in an environment that forms them into mindless drones.  This keeps them subdued and easy to manipulate.

 In order to force a political response or action from the Type D’s, if needed, the Type A’s simply trigger a key phrase or patriotic imagery along with an underlying message and follow it with an appropriate response.    For example, a TV commercial that interlaced images of Mexicans crossing the Rio Grande with those of Mexican Gang related scenes, suggesting that illegal immigrates were coming to kill you,  “on American soil”(key phrase),  unless you stopped them.  This was enough to push a group of Type D’s into forming an armed militia that would patrol nearly 80 miles of Texas border. They even cited the ad as one of their reasons for forming the “true patriot” group – uh Militia, sorry. 

Type D’s are if nothing else, passionate.  About what however, is left up to the Type A’s to decide. This makes the Type D’s the perfect political weapon.  They have numbers, they’re easy to incite, completely controllable, and with enough help from the C’s, can be mobilized in mass.  Remember votes win elections (sometimes).

So in conclusion, as long as our public education system is still designed to churn out Type D’s, and we as consumers are still funding the Type A’s, the Republican party will live on forever.

NOTE: This post deals in generalities. As you know, whenever you deal in generalities, you are inherently wrong, so take that for what it’s worth.