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Dealing with Citizens United.

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

  There are several groups currently focused on fighting the Citizens United ruling through legislation. Unfortunately they have come to the conclusion this will take years.  Which means, we have to take it directly to the source, the corporations. From here on out it depends on us to figure out what corporation is giving to what political entity and ask them to halt any further contributions to ANY political group, Super PAC, candidate, or party. We can’t just talk to them by using our voice, we need to communicate via the only means they understand, our money. We need to hold them accountable to the choices they make for us. That’s right, I said the choices they make for us.  Corporations consist of 2 or three people at the head, making decisions for everyone under them, and ultimately guiding the direction of the country by buying elections and bending the corrupt politicians to their will. Our vote isn’t the only voice we have. Our money speaks in volumes.

So ask questions. Find out who is giving what, and why. Call them, email them, march into their offices, demand to know if they are giving and to whom. Tell them if they don’t stop, you’ll take your money elswhere.

I realize this is America, and that convenience always wins over effort. But I have hope… that some day things will change, and we can take back what is ours. Our country.