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Korea, and The Little Rocket that … Was never meant too.

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Okay so, as most of you know the North Koreans launched their highly anticipated and highly condemned rocket.


Here’s the kicker.  The launch, contrary to popular belief, was a success.   Did it blow up shortly after launch?  Yes.   And everyone, on both sides, would have you believe that wasn’t supposed to happen.   Okay, stop laughing for a moment and let me explain.   I know right now you’re thinking, “Everyone knows a rocket is NOT supposed to blow up, You sir, are an idiot.”    I totally understand your thought process on that.  I do.   And maybe I am.  But if you’ll allow me, I’d like to tell you why I believe I’m correct on this.


First, Everyone knows this was not a Satellite launch.   The opposing governments knew it, the Koreans knew it, everyone knew it.   Why do you think the opposing governments raised such a stink about it in the first place.   This was a test launch of an ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile).   It was never meant to launch a satellite into orbit.   Yes it had a payload, but its payload was to mimic the size and weight of a nuclear bomb.    The actual test was the launch and navigation itself.   Once they had that data confirmed they were free to blow the rocket up.   Both successful*.


Second, Why blow it up you say?   As the Korean story has to be maintained there should have been a satellite on board.  There wasn’t, so naturally you’d have to make the evidence extremely difficult to retrieve, hence…  Boom.


Third, You can understand the Koreans lying about the “Failed launch” but why would our side lie as well?    Well, simply, to save face.   You see it takes a lot of the pressure off them to back up their heavy threats if the mission was seen as a giant flop.    The opposing side (us) made some pretty big threats against the Koreans if they launched their rocket. However, we also knew we were powerless to stop them and couldn’t really back any threats we were making.   And when you make threats you can’t back up, you need to look for an alternative story line to mitigate your embarrassment.   In this case it’s, “Ha! See, you’re rocket’s a FAIL!  Lets all LAUGH at you.    …so we really don’t need to do anything, cuz you didn’t really do anything.”  And then we try to sweep it under the rug as soon as possible, usually by hyper focusing on something else they are about to do.   Shifting focus from our own empty threats is the main goal.   Problem is, our government, totally knows this was a successful launch.   Contrary to what you’ll be told in the media.

So there you have it. Pretty simple and logical.  Feel free to start shooting holes in this theory if you’re so inclined.


*NOTE: Explanation of why the rocket was destroyed so quickly.   As you can imagine, an ICBM has but one purpose, to go up and come back down.   Blowing the rocket up early in its flight path eliminates a large fraction of determining it trajectory, giving the Koreans plausible denial.   If they had allowed it to continue on its designed trajectory their story of it being an orbiting vehicle would have faded.  

Why Are You Here?

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Yes, Why are we there?   After 9.11, I had an idea why we went into Afghanistan.   We had to get Osama bin Laden, an ex-CIA backed militant that decided he didn’t like the way the CIA stopped funding his extra-curricular activities.    But why are we there?    Realizing that even in the best of conditions we may or may not have been able to assonate him in his sleep, or snatch him up as part of the global rendering.   I still maintain that either of those actions would have actually been accomplished quicker than the full scale invasion.   Quicker, less costly, and certainly less costly in human lives.   So even when we knew he was in Pakistan in early 2003, why did we continue, and why are we still there?


Of course anyone whose been keeping up with this cluster fuck, knows about the CIA involvement with the opium trade, the oil pipeline, and the Karzai Cartel.   We stay for no other reason than to attempt to strengthen those projects, and for nothing else.   Any other reason they’ve given you is blowing smoke up your ass.


All of this, the lives lost, the money spent, all of it… Is for nothing.    Your oil pipeline has been built, your opium fields are flourishing, your Karzai’s have a death-grip on the presidency… yet all of this will change nothing.   Our government can no longer maintain a viable argument to stay in this region.   The American people (seeing the “job” finished with the death of bin Laden) are finally asking, “Why are we still there?”.  This will force the government to either make up some more bullshit to the American people in hopes that they’ll bite, or be forced to pull out of Afghanistan.


The very second we pull out, things will be right back to where they were shortly after the Russians pulled out.   The Karzai regime doesn’t like us, the multiple warlords we’ve been working with don’t like the regime we’ve put in place, the fighting over the opium has already started, and through all of that, the Taliban (the only order the Afghan people have ever known) will sweep back in and become stronger than ever.   And one of those factions will soon be in control of the oil pipeline we just built (how do you think that’s going to work out?).


So what have we accomplished?   Absolutely nothing…  Except we’ve managed to kill a lot of very good solders, and make bigger enemies out of country that only mildly cared if we existed.    Nice job U.S.A.   And do you know what the worst part is… We knew this was going to be the outcome before we went in.   Oh yeah, we did.   For Christ’s sake, I could have told you this is how it was going to work out, and I’m nobody.


For us to believe we could walk in and change a nation that didn’t want to be changed is ludicrous.    Wouldn’t you hate an occupying force in your home town?   I mean, that’s just common sense, people.


So perhaps we should focus our attention on countries that DO want to change, instead of countries that don’t.   Just an idea.

An Opportunity in a Cease-Fire?

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

As an ambiguously brokered cease-fire begins its futile hold on Syria’s death machine, I ask myself, “What exactly took so long for this to happen.   And what is its purpose?”   On the surface I understand it just as anyone else would, taking it at face value, but what will be the outcome?   In my opinion the end result will be less than stellar.


When military action is halted, usually a rash of abductions, secret prisons and mysterious killings arise in its wake (not that this wasn’t already occurring).   In this case, I fear what we have done was to remove the opposition the ability to publicize its plight, leaving the people to die in silence from the aforementioned wake, or “Plan B”.   Not that publicizing their suffering was doing them any good in the first place.    I think maybe they were hoping for a little help, citing the actions taken in Lybia by the UN and friends.   Yet they got NOTHING.   I’m sure they were wondering “WTF, world… nothing left for us?”   Nope, sorry, apparently you don’t have anything we really want.   Just how much of a cut did France get of Lybia’s oil, anyway?


What happens when that cease-fire collapses?   It’s no secret that the UN is unwilling to back a serious threat.   So what then?   If the Syrian government tests them, and they don’t respond, you can expect an escalation in their efforts to silence the opposition.   The UN has but one shot at this, if they become the Paper Tiger that I think they are, you can be sure Syria will exploit it and attempt to end the uprising once and for all.   It will be brutal.


The cease-fire will give the Syrian government time to investigate, locate and eliminate key opposition leaders and personnel.   Root it from the quiet and expose the opposition in their time of false protection.   They’ll be much more vocal and vulnerable when they get back to protesting in the streets… Perfect time to tag them, watch them, herd them into controllable situations, then sweep them up in quiet 4 am raids, never to be seen again.    The rest can be publically arrested, and charged with any number of bogus charges.   As long as you appear to be treating them well when the UN observers come by, you’re golden.   A luxury not afforded to those who simply vanish at night.