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E = mc2… doesn’t it?

Friday, February 24th, 2012

I believe science is being stunted by the lack of ability to embrace ideas that differ from theories that could possibly be wrong and or outdated.

Science and specifically scientists are boxed in.   Their inability to look beyond the teachings and theories of Einstein have the whole scientific community bound and gagged, hence limiting the progress of science.   Worse yet, they shun anyone that even suggests that there may be an alternate theory, as if Einstein’s theories are not theories, but Laws.  I believe it is this mindset of the scientific community that has prevented serious and major discoveries from taking place.   They refuse to believe there may be other possibilities, therefore they don’t go looking for them.


Perhaps it’s technology that is preventing them from discovering new and alternate possibilities?    But I also believe that as technology increases, so too should science’s vision, and curiosity to explore new ideas.  I feel it has not.   To use a car analogy, I believe they have stopped at the Model T, and refuse to allow themselves to imagine a Prius.   Okay, not a great analogy, but you get the picture.


Why would I say such a thing?  I, who could barely pass math in high school, and can only just comprehend the complexities of subjects such as quantum physics.  Why would I even dare?   Primarily because I was listening to Dr. Kiki’s Science Hour on TWiT (which I love btw.), and I was shocked to hear her and her esteemed guest commenting on faster than light particles saying, “I really don’t believe it’s possible…”, and discounting the results of the experiment as an error.   Really?  You don’t believe it’s even possible?   Which got me thinking on how a whole community could very possibly over look an extremely important discovery because they were afraid of the answer.    Even in science, people are sheep.  Very disappointing, where’s that adventurer spirit in the science field?


Second, because I believe to my very core there is no universal speed limit.   And, that some how in some way we are missing something.   No, I don’t believe we are technologically able to break this glass ceiling, yet, but I can only hope that I live to see it in my lifetime.


My third reason is this:   When you have a community such as a scientific community with an over all majority, that has so definitively accepted a single idea, limited by its technological state, and elitist bias, that they become blind.   You really can’t progress.  At least not until you have a “crackpot” who is capable of thinking beyond the constraints of the community at large.   …I’ll use Darwin as an example.


It’s important to note, the results of the accelerated neutrino experiment could in-fact be in error, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll never know, it just means that we’ll have to wait longer before we can find out for sure.


And before everyone jumps down my throat and starts throwing out mathematical equations at me…   Just stop. Think. Is there a possibility that Einstein missed something?  Would you put your faith in a human?   Is he flawless?  Forget the equations, think of all the things we don’t know…   We truly know so little of the universe.  Why limit ourselves into believing things can’t be done, or go beyond what we consider normal, or… what we have the capability to test for.   Can one man, limit the entire universe?   Not so long ago we believed the world was flat… what will the future reveal to us?   And can we open ourselves up to it?


So, can you tear yourself away from a theory?   It is after all, just a theory.   If you can, if THEY can, then perhaps we’ll find a better one?



NOTE: The current link to Dr. Kiki’s show, is of an older episode.  I’ll update as soon as the new one is available.   sorry.