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A Response to Maddox

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

The blog at is an interesting read.   While I can fully appreciate his frustration and anger at the world for being so lazy, I’d like to bring him back to reality a bit.   His anger at people (like me) who took part in the recent online protesting of SOPA/PIPA seems a little misguided.   But I hope to clarify that statement in a moment.


First let me say this.   He didn’t say anything that wasn’t true.   His method for boycotting was sound, and his passion for change is to be admired.   It’s his ideology that was flawed.   He complained about people doing the bare minimum in their lives to bring about change.   And I can’t disagree with him, it’s true.   He complained about those of us who changed our Facebook icons, and preached the good word, for no other purpose than making a few more people aware of an issue.   And hopefully we made a difference.   I get it, I do.   We do so little to bring about honest change, and he’s right to call us out on it.


But here is where his argument breaks down.   Reality.   The reality of it is this.   Short of our government lining people up and shooting them in the streets in mass, he’s never going to have the support he needs to have meaningful change.   Quite frankly, nothing short of a full on revolution is going to see true and permanent change.   Americans have been groomed to live a sedimentary lifestyle, in every way, including politically.   We’ve resigned ourselves to a life of convenience and comfort.   The corporate run governing in our everyday lives sees to our trivial needs and makes sure we’re tucked-in nicely every night.  With that level of babysitting, people lack the necessary motivation to storm the gates and exercise their rights of free speech, public gathering, and to bear arms.   This I believe was in fact the point he was making.   And although I commend him on his list of corporations to boycott, which I will participate in, I fear that, that too will be ineffectual due to the same reasons listed above.


So, my point is, you can hate me for changing my picture on facebook, or showing up for an occupy rally.   You can be mad, and call me out, and tell me that I’m only half-assing it.    And you can tell me that even though SOPA may be put down this round, that I’m never going to make a difference…   That’s fine.   But take note.   I’m doing something.   I’m taking part.    As small as it is, I’m taking part.   I’m not sitting on my ass watching everything collapse around me.   And I’m not waiting for the shit to hit the fan, so I can finally raise an army and burn the whole fucking place to the ground (as nice as that would be).    Getting something out of the general public is far better than getting nothing.   And if I’ve made even the smallest infinitesimal difference in stopping SOPA, then I’ll continue to do so for the next time it comes around and for every other bullshit bill the drops in.


So I applaud your convictions Maddox, but dare I say, that changing my Facebook profile picture may have the same or if not more effect than the proposed boycotts you’ve planned.   Because in theory the boycott would be an awesome show of power, but in reality, it will fall quite short of the mark.  Frustrating?  Yes.   But true.

When time comes for a true revolution, I’ll pick up arms and fight right next to you.   For now, leave us to do what we can, and hope that we can still bring about some form of change.   And if you feel so inclined, why not change your own profile picture.  If only just to show a shred of support.