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From somebody else’s FB wall.

Monday, August 1st, 2011

The old debate heated up on somebody else’s FaceBook wall the other day, about how people that don’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance are unpatriotic… etc, etc.

So here is the cartoon and my response to their thoughts.  (Which I’m fully expecting to be removed from their thread.)



I think there are two points here.   First: Should you show respect for the solder in the room.   Yes.  Obviously.    Second:  Do you have the right not too?   Yes.   I think these two issues are becoming lumped in with one another, and it’s important to note their differences.


Our service members need the backing of the people, and should be respected for the job that we ask them to do.   It’s important to remember, that our military service members are doing what our government is asking them to do, regardless of their personal views of that job.   And if you believe that 100% of the service members out there fully believe in the agenda set aside by our government, you may as well stick your head back in the sand and stop reading now.


It is equally important to know that our distinguished military, has fought and died for the very right of that kid to sit his disrespecting ass in that chair.   In a way, that kid sitting in that chair, is a monumental tribute to the very causes that this country was founded on, and that so many have died for.   I’d burn a thousand flags to prove that point.   


Do I respect the men and women of our armed forces.   Yes, 100% without question.   Do I respect the government that puts them needlessly in harms way?   No.  No I don’t.   I’m logically able to make the distinction between the two entities.   I stand for the pledge of allegiance if there is a military member present, but I’d just as quickly stay seated as a sign of protest against our government and its dealings.   It’s my right.   My right…   and that’s the true greatness of this country.


So, if you see me outside of Publix someday, burning an American Flag, don’t jump to conclusions on my motives.   Come up and ask me why I would do such a thing.   Perhaps it’s a protest against a government that would so willingly sacrifice its own people for little more than a patch of sand in the Mid Eastern landscape.  It’s the love of this country and its people that would drive me to do it, not the hate of them.


Last but not least.   The First Amendment was designed to protect “unpopular speech”, not popular speech.   You wouldn’t need an amendment for that.   And remember, just because some speech or idea is popular, doesn’t make it good or right.   I think Gov. Rick Scott is shining example of that.