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Egyptian Healthcare… ?

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

A couple quick things today.

First, the healthcare bill.  So far, with the judges split on the Healthcare Bill’s constitutionality, it looks like it’s going to the Supreme Court for a final ruling.

I know I’ve already weighed in on this topic, but I’d like to reiterate my thoughts.

I’m actually surprised the bill hasn’t been shot down sooner.

   Before the two sides started messing the Healthcare Bill up, it was small, easy, and had a lot of really good, important policies in it.   However, after months of “compromise” the bill was corrupted, infected, and injected with political poison.   No longer was it the same bill.   Oh sure it still had some good points and ideas, but those were soon overshadowed by hidden deals and most benefiting the very same entities that the bill was supposed to protect us from.  

   The bill we have today is merely a shell of its former self, and I feel as though it was specifically written to fail.   Both parties are to blame.   I blame the Republicans, for their childlike sabotage, and the Democrats, for being too stupid and spineless to stop it.    All that time wasted.    Again, we the people suffer under the rule of idiots.   Yet, we are the idiots for accepting this rule.   I fear we will never have a working healthcare system.


Second Point:

   I’m growing ever more tired of Israel.   The latest demands by Israel on the US to pressure Egypt’s new emerging government/movement to honor their current treaty with Israel is a bit pushy.   Don’t get me wrong, I get that Israel is in a difficult situation, and they count on these treaties with the countries around them to maintain a secure border.   Or in this case, they need the Egyptian government to continue to help suppress the Palestinians and Hezbollah.   Maybe if Israel spent a little more time on learning how to play nice with others and a little less time oppressing the Palestinian population, they wouldn’t have to worry so much.    Again, I’m not an idiot (subjectively), I know they are surrounded by people that want to kill them.   I just think they could really do a lot to fight that fire, instead of poring gasoline on it.    

   Anyway, back to my point.  We hear you Israel.   But this really isn’t about you this time, so shut up.