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Your iPhone is Killing You!!

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

   To all you iPhone users out there, this is a Public Service Announcement.   Have you ever wondered where the batter is on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod?   Probably not.   Because even if you did want to find it, you knew that you couldn’t get to it anyway.    Have you even wondered why you weren’t allowed to change out your battery on your Apple product?   Maybe that’s because Apple is hiding the horrible truth.   Aliens.   Yes folks, Apple products are filled with alien technology.   That’s why they wont let you see inside them.   Steve Jobs is an alien.   For that matter, Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple is also an alien, and he’ll even tell you so, but nobody believes him because he looks crazy.   Yes, apparently all aliens are named Steve.


   What the aliens don’t want you to know is:  Apple products are a way for the aliens to harvest human life-force.     That’s why you have to send it back when the battery dies.   That battery is not dead, it’s FULL!    Full, of your very essence.   It simply can’t take any more from you so it pretends to die so you’ll send it back to Apple.   There, they extract your life-force from the device and load it into their ship for storage.   Once they have enough (and all the humans are dead) they’ll take off, in search of another planet to exploit.   People!   You have to wake up!   The Steves are trying to kill us, and nothing will stop them unless you stop buying Apple products!!   Don’t let them kill us all!



This PSA was brought to you by the Androids of America.  “We come in peace.”

Privacy is a Myth

Monday, December 27th, 2010

The Gmail Police

These days, handing our personal information over to large corporations seems to be the fastest growing national pastime.   So how about your personal email?   What kind of privacy can you expect from your email client or even worse your online email service.   Is anything you write in an email safe from prying eyes?   The short answer, no.   Lets face it, anything you do that involves connecting to the internet, whether it’s browsing the web for Beanie Babies, or emailing your doctor about that odd rash you have on your nether regions, is being sifted through, parsed out, categorized, and otherwise examined by someone or some thing.   That information is used by somebody.   Every little bit of it.   For some of you, it goes into a file folder with our name on it, and tucked away deep underground for later use.   But for most of us it’s sold off to the highest bidder so they can send us advertisements.


Go ahead, try it for yourself.   Go to your Gmail account and access your mail.   Write a quick letter to yourself at your Yahoo or one of your other many email addresses, and write about pancakes or pajamas, or something that interests you.   Now go to that email client that you just sent the email to, and reply to yourself.   Now go back to your Gmail and refresh the page.   Check out the ads that have now popped up on the right.  Why are they relating to your email?   It’s no coincidence that you’re now getting ads for Ihop and footed pajamas.    


   This is your personal email!!!    Complex algorithms are sifting through your “private” messages and pulling out bits of information about you.   They store that information in a database where somewhere there’s a table with your name on it.   How violated can you get?    Imagine some creepy dude from Sears (nothing against Sears this is just an example) coming into your house while you’re not there and rummaging through your underwear drawer.   Maybe they want to determine what brand of underwear you wear, “Oh look, he wears Fruit of the Loom.   But, we’ve got a new contract with Hanes, so lets see if we can change his mind.”     …That’s NOT cool, by any stretch of imagination.   We are being VIOLATED.


   The problem gets worse when you consider that ISPs (internet service provider) have gotten around the Federal Wiretap Act and its amendments, by simply rewriting their EULAs (end user license agreement) to permit them to use DPI (deep packet inspection) to capture all your activity while connected to their network.   By third party companies, no less! (i.e., NebuAd, Phorm, and FrontPorch).    These third party companies work in conjunction with your ISP to gather your browser activity as well as your EMAIL content through the use of DPI.   However the use of your email content was restricted to only non-content email headers until recently when a closed door meeting between government agencies and ISPs was convened.   The meeting’s intent was to loosen the restrictions of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, for two reasons: (1). To allow ISPs to use full content of emails as a behavioral marketing information gathering tool.   (2). In return the government would get a more cooperative ISP, when it came to sharing that information with them (the original ECPA gave ISPs a legal means to fight non-court ordered collection of communication content.).

A lose, lose for the consumer and human rights.   


When there’s money to be made on exploiting your privacy, you can bet your privacy will pay the price.


Your internet freedom

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

   What in the hell is going on?   There are so many topics to write about, I can’t possibly decide.   But there is one thing that is very clear.   The internet as you know it, is changing.   I don’t mean the kind of small changes that you barely notice, and that never really affect you.   I mean some hard changes.   You may not even notice these changes at first, but I can bet within one year, you’ll be scratching your head asking yourself, “When did that happen?”.   With Wikileaks rubbing every manner of person the wrong way, lawmakers are rushing to strike while the iron is hot.   The overall result will be a huge loss of your right to free speech on the web.   With little or no checks-n-balances in place, the government’s response to Wikileaks, has been to lockdown the site by “hacker” DOS attacks, and chase the domain off every host possible.   This has all taken place without formally charging Wikileaks with ANYTHING.   Regardless of your stance on the Wikileaks “Cablegate” you have to understand where this will lead us.  This has become an issue of free speech, now.    People of influence (Lieberman) are targeting other corporations and businesses (i.e. Amazon, MasterCard, Visa, Paypal) in order to have them cancel their contracts and professional arrangements with a private organization, based on unpopular content, without due process.   That is a wrong.


   As we speak our government is confiscating domains that they consider to be infringing on copyright laws.   This comes to us courtesy of the freshly passed COICA (Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act).   So now the government is going after all the torrent sites (some of you have noticed that these disappearing from your Google search), as well as sites that sell “questionable” products, such as fake designer purses, as well as other search engines that don’t comply with the DMCA.   In other words, if you have a small search engine you run off of part of your website, and that search engine just so happens to pull up copyrighted Disney images, your site can now be taken by the government… Indefinitely.    Or maybe your site sells Flea Market type products… “Is that a real Gucci handbag?   Uh, oh, sorry, your site is ours now.”     And heaven forbid you have an unauthorized MP3 on your site that someone could download.   In some cases, they haven’t even been issued a takedown notice before hand.   That is wrong. 


It’s only a matter of time before my site, or even your site could face a draconian crackdown and be taken from you.    We still don’t have control over our government, and right now they are in a feeding frenzy on the wave of public disapproval of certain parts of the internet.   Until we can calm this wave down, I fear we are going to lose even more of our freedoms on the internet.