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U.S. Intelligence… Not so much.

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

As the Wikileaks group continues to sift through heaps of classified communication cables, I wonder how badly this will affect foreign relations.   Not just U.S. foreign relations for world wide foreign relations.   At the moment it seems to be having a unifying effect on the worlds nations, seemingly unifying them all against Wikileaks.   Much of the world is putting up their very best “diplomatic front” saying that this wont hurt ties between their allies, and in the same breath berating Wikileaks.  

   This new found unity scares me a little.   In the over 250,000 cables, there were a lot of things said that could hurt people, both politically and personally.   When betray somebody’s trust, it really is hard to patch that hole, and the relationship is usually never the same.   Bridging the gap of culture is hard enough, but to add an extra layer of mistrust on top of that, really widens that gap.

   But what if this has the opposite effect on the relationships of the world?    Maybe now that everyone has had their dirty laundry aired out, they can all start with a clean slate.   There’s no need to lie to each others faces, they know what each thinks of the other… So lets move past the formalities and kissy face activities and get to business.   Who knows, anything is possible.   Although, it is my belief that the under current of hurt feelings will boil the tiny minds of the worlds leaders, and situations will worsen.


   Now, on to the U.S.A.’s complete ineptitude for keeping diplomatic communication cables secure.  Nice F’n work, jackasses.   Seriously, you keep all this stuff in a loosely secured database for what reason?    I can understand wanting to keep track of the communications between international diplomats for national security reasons, but why keep all the irritatingly funny side comments of domestic civil servants that have nothing better to do than make personal attacks on their counter parts.    These have, in most cases, absolutely nothing to do with the security of this country.   Although they are funny to read, they suite no other purpose than to amuse the readers.   Unless of course they got out, then they would just expose the truth of our messed up country.


   Either way, I think it will be a long time before any country would tell us how they truly feel about anything.   I see this as a huge hindrance in the future of foreign policies.   And once again, we are the laughing stock of the entire world.    I’m slightly embarrassed for us.  


PS.   Yes I support the release of these documents by Wikileaks.

I’m back… notes on Wikileaks.

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Well, with my hopes of completing this years NaNoWriMo dashed away, I guess I should just get back to writing like a normal human being.  So let me jump right in with a comment on Wikileaks and the delicate tightrope its on.


   I’m sure most of you are aware of Wikileaks by now, I can’t imagine someone reading this blog that doesn’t know of Wikileaks or its founder Julian Assange’s current troubles.

It’s important to note that the rape charges against Julian Assange have been dropped by Swedish officials but the molestation charges will persist for now.

This is an interesting situation and a very dangerous game of cat and mouse for Mr. Assange.   On the one hand you have Mr. Assange and his whistle blowing website, at this very moment releasing even more leaked communications from world diplomats that paint the US in an even more bad light.   You’ve also got the previous releases of some 72,000 classified documents from the Pentagon a few months back.   Here is where we find our conundrum.

The Pentagon  has a HUGE motive to shut Julian Assagne up.  However they can’t just kill him.   Two reasons really: 1. He’s way too big for that now.   You kill him, and TONS of people are going to know and they’re all going to think you did it, which is also part of reason 2.    2. You kill him and you’re going to make a martyr out of him.   And that gives credit to him and consequently his website, hence blowing the whole thing up in the public and making it even more of a problem for the US govenrment.    No, what the Pentagon needed was a way to discredit him.    They couldn’t just say, “oh, all that crap is made up…”, because the facts are all out there in black and white… And on company letterhead, no less.   Nope, they couldn’t argue with the facts and run the risk of looking like even bigger fools than they already do.   So they needed a way to discredit him and at the same time making him a leper in the world of communications and media.    And how do you do that?    Rape and molestation charges.   Nobody wants to be associated with a rapist, and no country is going to clear him to stay (except maybe France) amongst them and set up a new base of operations.   The average Joe isn’t going to want to visit his site anymore, and media isn’t going to talk to him much.   It’s a complete package, and a slam dunk win for the Pentagon.   Even if the charges are later dropped he’ll still be attached to them, and forever tainted.


Here’s the catch.   Even if Mr. Assagne did commit these heinous acts (and I’m not saying he did or didn’t, but I would like to believe that he is being set up) he would do what an innocent man in his place would do.   Claim that he’s being accused of these crimes because the Pentagon (and others) want him shut down.   Well of course that’s his defense, it would be yours too if you were him.   The whole thing is textbook politics, and designed specifically to cloud the truth.   


Look at it this way, if he’s found guilty;   And if he did do it, there’s enough evidence to back a conspiracy case against the US government to say that he didn’t.   And if he didn’t do it, then that just means that the US government was able to pay off the right people and get him convicted.   Does it make your head spin?


In either even, we the public are the losers.   Discrediting a credible whistleblower isn’t good for anyone.

No articles this month

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

No articles this month as I will be putting all my text into the NaNoWriMo, in an attempt to write a 50,000 word mini novel.I’m VERY far behind.