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Repeated Mistakes

Monday, October 25th, 2010

   Afghan president Hamid Karzai admits to receiving money from Iran.   Well, here we go again.   Iran has us figured out.  They know we fall into the same self-made trap every time we dabble in creative government.  Or should I say, every time we oust a government, and set up our own puppet government.  We come in, we assassinate the leader that doesn’t play nice with us, and throw in our crime syndicate boss who helped us kill the former.  Then we do something completely retarded.  We keep paying them.  At first we pay them to make them do what we want.  Then we pay them as a show of good faith and to help them stay in power, to fight the opposition that they/we just beheaded.  Later we pay them to help us do what we want in the area they now control.  Then we pay them to keep them happy.  And lastly, we pay them in a vain attempt to keep their loyalty, which ultimately fails.

   This is not the proper way to build relations.  It doesn’t work on any level.  Buying some ones loyalty has never been a good way to secure their trust, and anyone whose trust and loyalty you can buy, is giving you neither.  It’s human relations 101, people.

   Iran has this figured out, and knows that under the current circumstances Karzai is a stock option worth getting in on.  Lets see if we can throw down some logic behind this and figure out just how viable a stock Karzai might be.

1.      How happy is Karzai?

a.       The Karzai cartel has been seeing a huge drop in popularity, as well as dwindling returns on their opium trade.

b.      They are being pressured by the U.S. politically to seek fair elections, and to submit power to the true elected winner of the last election.  This is the U.S. finally seeing Karzai as a potential (too late) problem and trying to force him out.  Which would cut him out of the money loop.

c.       Under recent investigations, the U.S. has had to shift or change its money laundering policy of payments directly to the Karzai cartel, in an attempt to account for billions of “lost” payments.  This has lead to reduced payments to the Karzai cartel and added severe restrictions to the cartels spending habbits.

2.      How viable of an investment is Karzai?

a.       Karzai has a proven track record of being able to be bought.

b.      Karzai has proven to be able to maintain power despite the wishes of the Afghan people and (more importantly) despite the wishes of his main financial backer, the U.S., thus some what displaying his longevity in the region.

c.       Karzai publicly grows more irritated with the U.S., which means privately (it is assumed) he hates them, and is ready to turn.

d.      The Karzai cartel is in control of the largest opium producing country in the world, which is an asset in any market.

e.       Karzai has access to strategic U.S. military locations, movements, and field operations.  As Iran becomes a nuclear power, this is vital information to assess possible targets and defenses.  

f.        Karzai is self-conscious about being bald, which is why he wears that funny hat.   That’s gotta be good for some kind of discount.


   Iran knows the score.   They’ve played us before.  They know all they have to do is wait a little bit longer.  They can give Karzai small amounts of cash (if you consider Millions small) and they aren’t bound or restricted on how they give it to him.   They don’t have to tell him it’s for “humanitarian aid”, or “for the kids”.   No.  They gave it to him straight up, and said “Here, this is for you. Go buy yourself something nice.  We have more on the way.”

   And that’s how they are going to beat us at our own game.  They know it’s a game for losers.  They, unlike us, know it’s a game for temporary power, to get what you want and get out quick.  Where the only rule is to score big once and maybe, just maybe, when the dust settles, you’ll have a little extra reality than you started with.  As long as, in the end, you’ve struck a blow to your opponent, that’s all that matters.  And they can do it cheap, by picking up our leftovers.

It’s about Friggin’ TIME, Florida!!!

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Finally, Florida pulls its head out of its ass and joins the rest of the civilized world.Florida now allows gay couples to adopt kids.

God, maybe there’s hope for us yet.

Now if our government could follow suite and repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, once and for all, I think we might be on the right track.

Sleeping in the bed you made.

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

   It’s no secret that the US gives military aid to Pakistan.    But I think it surprises a lot of people at just how much we give.   In 2005 it gave Pakistan $1 Billion dollars in military aid, for things like guns, ammo, equipment, vehicles, and other products for making people dead.   2006, another $1 Billion.   2007 and 2008 same thing.   2009 we upped it to $2 Billion, and 2010, we decided just to sign a contract for another $2 Billion!   So, that doesn’t include humanitarian aid, financial aid to prop up their banking system, and of course trade subsidies that act as a catch all for any other payoffs we may need to make.

    So what are we getting for our money?   They clearly haven’t been putting that money into working WITH us.   They refuse to engage the Taliban, their borders are a joke, then they get pissed when the CIA sends drones across the border to kill school kids.    Sheeesh…  what do they want?   I guess a billion dollars a year doesn’t buy you a whole lot?

   Here’s how I see it.   The CIA keeps Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.   In return Pakistan gets to keep a percentage of the opium trade, which it exports.   Opium exports have been strained for the past couple of years due to Hamid Karzai’s brother Wali, getting greedy, and taking over most of the operations.   This in turn, has lead Pakistan to enlist the help of regional Taliban militias to force Wali to keep things flowing.   But of course the Taliban is more interested in destroying the fields than harvesting them, which causes a whole other set of supply problems.   In fact, the according to the CIA* the opium production had decreased by 50% in 2010.   This costs us MONEY!!  

   Here’s where everything becomes clearer.   Pakistan isn’t making enough money due to its own actions in retaliation to Wali.   Wali is watching the Pakistan supported Taliban destroy his opium, and has called on his brother to begin “talks” with the Taliban to work something out.   Pakistan’s opium exports have dropped off, but they still want money for keeping the lid on Osama’s whereabouts.   Of course they turn back to the US, for some hush money.   Then we hand them Two F’in Billion Dollars in the form of “military aid”, which of course there is none. 

   Corruption at this level is mind blowing, yet believable.   I have to keep in mind, that when I say “Pakistan” I’m referring to a select group of military and civilian leaders, not the entire country.   I’m sure the rest of the country doesn’t have time to even think about what its government is doing.   With the flooding and general misery happening, I’m sure they couldn’t care less.   My heart goes out to them, and unfortunately, I don’t see any of this money going to help them any time soon.   More likely it will line the pocket of some General who lives safely in a mountain top compound.



   *SIDE NOT:   For those of you still not convinced that our government, the Afghan government, and the Pakistan government are your three ring opium circus, I want you to take into consideration the matter of logistics.   Fact, Afghanistan is the Worlds Largest producer of Opium.   Now ask yourself honestly.   Who is controlling the supply lines in and out of Afghanistan?   This is simple logic people.  Do you honestly believe it’s the Taliban, or could it be… OGA?    Lol…  you like that tie in, to the last post?  Lol.