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Enron… in your eye!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

They’re doing it to us again.  Yesterday the Supreme Court overturned the conviction of Enron’s CCE, Jeffrey Skilling, for fraud.    According to the Supreme Court, the statute in question, “the honest services” statute, was too vague and bordered on unconstitutional.   Unfortunately this statute has been a determining factor for many fraud cases.   The Supreme Courts decision now makes it legal for high level executives to pad their pockets with investors money, as long as it doesn’t come from “kickbacks or bribery”.   Apparently you’re free to lie to investors to pump up your company’s stocks, while you pull the rug out from underneath them and make millions.   I’m not sure exactly who got to the six members of the Supreme Court, to make them bail out this little prick, but you can bet your ass there was some pretty crafty money laundering taking place.

As with everything else, the powerful get away with murder, and the rest of us have to clean up their mess.  And we get screwed in the process.

The ruling also jeopardizes other ongoing cases, and removes a vital piece of legislation, making it more difficult to hold executive criminals accountable for their crimes.  

Makes me sick.   If you want to commit crimes in this country, make sure you have an Armani Suit.   Everywhere we turn there’s another rich bastard pulling a knife out our back.   When will we demand better?   Will we speak out against the injustices of entitlement?   Or will we let it fester, until the only way of removing the infection is by quick tactical surgery?

The iPhone 4 is HERE!!! Will it save you?

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

“…And the meek shall inherit the earth.”  That particular line actually makes sense, if you look at it logically.   I’m not a religious person.   I’d even say, I have a down right disdain for organized religion in general.   But that’s a topic best left for another day.   I do however, agree with the quote above.   It’s logical, and can be broken down into easy to understand factors of survival.  

First, we have to identify exactly who the meek are.   This, as with everything in the Bible, comes down to interpretation.   If I’m to believe the religious interpretation, the “meek” are those who are devoted to god, and have given him their lives and souls, and do not believe themselves to be greater than god, and are humbled before all things on heaven and earth.   Stop me, if I’m wrong here.   This is after all the interpretation I was given.    So the statement over that entire passage in the bible, is that “God’s people” will be rewarded in heaven, if you live “by the good book”.    Does that sound about right to you?

But what if it has a more literal meaning?   To identify the “meek” in modern day times, I think you would have a pretty easy time doing so.   If by my interpretation you identify the “meek”, I believe you would be looking for the same people who would stand the best chance of surviving a world catastrophic event.   And I don’t mean those weekend warrior/survivalists who write crazy manifestoes on picnic tables at the campground.   I mean those people, or even cultures that live every day in the harshest of environments on this planet, with little or nothing.   I would consider them “meek”, wouldn’t you?   And certainly a complete scientific meltdown would affect them the least of everyone.   No power?    No problem.   No running water?  No problem.   Food scarce?   It usually is…  No problem.   So the next time you’re watching NatGeo, and you think to yourself “god, how do people live like that!  I’m glad I live here and not there.”   You may be looking at our civilizations best and last hope at survival.   So don’t have pity for them.   Have pity for yourself.   Because when the shit hits the fan, they will just keep doing what they’ve always done, but you’ll be completely screwed.

That being said, I’m not sure who would even want the earth when we’re done with it?

Not me!   I’m going to Mars!  So much to do!  So much to see!   Wheeeeeeee!!!!

Nader knows it works.

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Am I dreaming?   Or are the Democrats finally starting to play ball.   Republicans are screaming “conspiracy” as reports come in of Democrats dressing themselves as Tea Party candidates to run for local Senate elections in Florida.  Holy crap!   Could this be true?   What an idea… Sneak into the Tea Party and run for election.   Everyone knows the Tea Party isn’t really the brightest bunch, so it should be relatively easy to just say you’re with the Tea Party and have a bunch of knuckle heads vote for you.   God only knows, those idiots are a bunch of sheep and will vote for anyone you slap that label on.   It’s not like they would research the candidate or anything.   So, why not?


Tactically it’s a brilliant move.   Let us break it down.


First: you have the Tea Party.   In and of itself, is a dividing factor of the Republican Party, and will draw hard right votes away from Republican candidates.

Second: Confuse the already confused, by taking a likable but unknown Democrat and billing him as a Tea Party candidate.   There could very possibly be several Tea Party candidates running as they have no set way of weeding themselves out in a primary election.   They’re organized, but not that organized, and for the most part still don’t know who represents them.   You could run just about anyone.

Third:  Run your “fake” Tea Party campaign as you would expect a Tea Bagger would normally, but make him the best of the Tea Party candidates.   The idea here is not to win the election, but to pull votes away from the Republican candidate.  This will be easily achieved, and your Democratic candidate will be elected by a nice margin.


This “wolf in sheeps clothing” tactic isn’t the first of its kind.   I think most of us remember Ralph Nader (THE TOOL) being used, not once but twice, by the GOP to draw votes away from the Democratic presidential candidates.  So it’s about time the Dems started playing the game.


An article in Mother Jones points out the Alan Grayson (D. FL) camp as being the brain child behind these alleged “infiltrators”.   I like this guy.  We need more like him.