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Be heard

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The GOP has started a web site to help them gauge public opinion and dictate future policy.  The web site at,,  is designed so that people can submit ideas and “debate” the ideas that others submit.   The Republican party will be marketing this site hard amongst it’s constituents and in an attempt to real back in some of the Tea Baggers to the GOP.   The idea here, is to primarily over stuff the site with a one sided Republican slant, and then reference the site in future “the public wants this” speeches and platforms.


There are a few things that concern me about this.  

1. The site is being moderated by the Republican party, so there is a possibility that it could sway views and “over moderate” the site to show a slanted public voice.  

2.  If there’s one thing the GOP has going for it, it’s the ability to organize.   If we non-Republicans don’t make ourselves present on the site to have our voices heard, there will be an even greater chance that the GOP could take an even harder turn to the right.   I realize that we probably couldn’t change their minds or their stances on some issues, which would be great if we could, but rather to render the site useless as a GOP hardliner building block.   The idea here being, that if we show up on a huge scale on their site, we remove it as a place they can reference for hard-line ideas.  

3.  The idea of this site is to primarily over stuff the site with a one sided Republican slant, and then reference the site in future “the public wants this” speeches and platforms.


I’m sure you’ve come up with some of your own concerns as well.    So, let us take this site over.   Put some thought into it, take time developing your ideas and arguments, and make yourself heard.   If we can’t change their minds, at least we can corrupt their ammo, or wrench some of workings in the giant GOP machine.   We can’t afford to do nothing.


Friday, May 21st, 2010

Is anyone else worried about this situation Korea?


Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Two issues today.   First lets get the one that really matters out of the way.   There is a proposed bill currently being considered in Florida that would force bike riders to use bike paths.   Now anyone that’s ever driven/ridden in Florida knows two things.  (1) There are very few bike paths in Florida.  (2)  The worst drivers in the country… Live in Florida.  That may be why we have had the dubious honor of being the most deadly place to ride a bike, for the past 20 years.   Being a bike rider my self, I’ve seen things car drivers do to people on bikes you couldn’t imagine.   In fact I’ve had most of them done to me at one point or another.   Including but not limited to a full 7-11 Big Gulp to the back of the head, numerous beer bottles thrown at me, and of course the always fun “Lets see how close we can get to’em!” game.    And I’ve also been on the other end of that spectrum as well.   Last summer I was caught on a two lane road behind a large group of “roadies” who thought they were in the Tour de Oviedo, and decided to span both lanes of the road.   I literally was unable to pass them for two miles.   I thought, “No wonder people hate us, and want to kill us.”   But they were Roadies, and I’d expect no less.   Bunch of dicks.   They honestly create their own problem.   Never the less, the rest of us don’t deserve this “Get on the path” piece of legislation.   Bikers have a right to the road.   The least this state could do is give us more/some/any lanes we could use to keep us safe.   Although I must admit the Rails to Trails project is really nice, there are still too few places for us that are safe.


On to the second issue.   Floyd Landis finally admitted that he was using drugs to enhance his performance during the Tour de France.   Whoa, big shocker (sarcasm).   And like so many other fallen cyclists he started whining and calling out Lance Armstrong.   Now, I can’t imagine that anyone still believes that Lance Armstrong wasn’t/isn’t using performance enhancing drugs.   It’s a known fact amongst anyone who follows the sport, that anyone and everyone that wants to be competitive in the sport is doing it.   There’s no question of it.   It’s just a fact.   And don’t give me this “Oh but he’s the most tested man in the sport” crap either.   The testing is a joke, and any doctor/lab they couldn’t get into their pocket, the test wouldn’t come up with anything anyway, do to the amount of chemicals he’s still got coursing through his body from fighting cancer, which would obliterate any traces of EPO or anything else.   And it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he’s still taking small doses of cancer medication to mask the performance enhancing drugs he’s currently on.   This isn’t rocket science people.   I mean, to be #1, you’ve got to take things to the limits, right?   Anyway, his final autopsy will probably prove my point.  Or perhaps we’ll never know?   This of course is complete conjecture on my part, without a lick of evidence to support my theory.   All in all, I don’t want to take away his achievement, of defeating cancer.   Good job, Lance.   And keep up your awesome crusade against cancer, as well.   Double good job!  


Note:   This brings me to an idea.   They should have an Open Class for bike racing.   Stop worrying about who is doing what drug.   “Run what you brung” should be the new way of bike racing.   Let the athlete  really do it up right.   I wanna see an average 40mph through the rolling hills of France, or even a nice 50mph on the time trial run.   Why Not!  Have everyone start off in the “Natural Class” and if you test positive you’re  automatically thrown into the “Open Class”, for the rest of your career.   So you have a few heart attacks… so what.   It would be great to watch.