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CCE’s in your neighbor hood?

Friday, April 30th, 2010

A CCE which stands for Committees of Continuous Existence is a loophole in the law that allow politicians to collect funds to support their political agendas without the regulatory oversight that exists for normal campaign contributions.  Worse yet, you may have given to one of these “slush funds” without even knowing it.   The names of these fund-raising organizations can be obscure or even misleading.  There are no regulations as to what the names can be, and they don’t have to tell you who is the beneficiary is.  (I swear I wrote an article about this becoming a reality after some other bill was passed.   I’ll have to look it up.)   At least there is a public disclosure bylaw that allows us to look up the information if we come across a donation table we don’t recognize.   The Orlando Sentinel just ran a story on the top ten CCE’s in the state.  Here are some of the names of the groups, just so you can see what I mean.   Floridians for Constitutional Integrity, Alliance for a Strong Economy, and my personal favorite Citizens for Housing & Urban Growth.  BTW, each of those groups raised over $200,000 last year.  Who is paying for what, hmmm?


These “Committees” allow the politicians to raise funds from corporations as well as from private individuals.  The money collected can be used for whatever purpose they see fit, whether it’s for personal use like laundry, or political agenda, there’s no requirements.  Large corporations can pay cash into these accounts, no questions asked.


So please, the next time some group like Citizens for Housing & Urban Growth,

 calls your house looking for a hand out.   Sniff them out.   But start by giving to your locally known charities and save yourself the embarrassment of having lined the pockets of some politician who’s already F’ing you over.  Be proactive, find out about the local CCE’s in your neighbor hood, and demand through legislation that they be accountable for complete public disclosure of funding.

Embrace your people…

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

First, Go check out this poll.  It kinda makes my point for me.  lol.



April 15th, Tax Day!   And the Tea Baggers are out in force, although having a bit of trouble.  In a late press release they called attention to FOX’s Shaun Hannity and his breaking news of possible “infiltration” of Tea Party rallies by extremist left wing activists.   He continued saying that these “infiltrators” would be holding up signs that would reflect poorly on the Tea Party’s core cause.  

I’m sure most of us understand what’s really happening here.   The Tea Party is embarrassed of its own people.   I mean, it’s got to be tough, knowing that your cause is so ridiculous that the majority of your core group, are racist, uneducated, close minded, white trash, that couldn’t put a single sentence together.   How tiring it must be to watch the “After Party” interviews on the local and national TV stations.   Oh the embarrassment of that guy in the Tri-corner hat holding his musket screaming at the top of his lungs on how the governments going to take his guns away…   Maybe they should take his guns away, he’s clearly not stable.  Or my personal favorite, the shirtless redneck talking about how Obama isn’t an American because he wasn’t born in America.  Inevitably the guys 98 year old granny, dressed head to tow in Red, White, and Blue, will stand up and scream something like “That black man’s ah Muslim! He was born in Africa!” just before the interview is cut short.   Those always make me laugh.  So now, the Tea Party has decided that it’s going to attempt to pre-empt the rallies, stating that any bizarre people you see out there are liberal infiltrators.   I say, Suck It Up you Tea Baggers!!   You need to embrace the people that have the same ideas as you.  And if that’s the kind of people they are, then perhaps you need to examine just what kind of ideas you have.


Regardless of what they believe, it’s good to see people out there getting active.  I only wish more smart people would show their faces.  If that happened, perhaps things wouldn’t have gotten so bad in the first place.

Taxed Enough Already…. not yet you aren’t

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I’m sick if the Tea Party touting how they are for lower taxes, shrinking government and a return to honoring the Constitution.   These are the same idiots that voted for and loved Bush.   Bush by the way is responsible for some of the most unconstitutional legislation in recent history.  Not only that, but some of the worst debt EVER, by his administrations policies and then cutting taxes for those most responsible, hence sinking us further.   Yes, he even expanded government, and even championed some of the most morally evasive, and privacy-quelling bills ever to come down the pipe.   So, Tea Party, where were you then?   Yeah, I thought so.   I don’t think you idiots have a friggin’ clue.


Side NOTE:  Why do all the crazy people come to Florida?  Is it the heat?