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Taking it easier

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Due to recent events in the news, I thought it wise to take a minute and clear up my views on revolution with a small disclaimer. So, if you work for the FBI, NSA, CIA, HLSA, ISS, ISO, Interpole, DOD, or simply have the title “Agent” mixed in your name, this is for you.

DISCLIAMER:  I, currently of sound mind and body, am in no way promoting the use of violence against any government facility, employee, branch, or the such.  Nor am I advocating the use of violence against any person, either public or private.  In no way are the articles written on this site to be construed as anything other than a creative endeavor on my behalf.  I am solely responsible for my own actions and not those of any readers who may react to my opinions.  I am not part of, and do not subscribe to any factional militia or hate group, either foreign or domestic.  Last but not least, I don’t even own a gun.


That being said… If you are an “Agent” of any of the many agencies tasked with scanning the blogs of upstanding citizens, you are NOT welcome here.


Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Now with the healthcare bill passing in Congress, I really hope it can do what we want it to do.   I want it to work.   But as I said in my last post, I think there are serious errors hidden within that were put there specifically to cause this to fail.  I hope I’m wrong.  I want to be wrong.   Time will tell.

Halt! vare ahr yar paipas?

Friday, March 19th, 2010

As a proponent of Obama, this current administration, and the healthcare bill, it pains me to bring the whole thing to a halt.  I’ve tried.  I’ve tried really hard to have faith that this administration could bring together a bill that was in the best interest of the people.  Unfortunately, blind faith has never been one of my strong points (or weaknesses).   First, as I wanted to believe in this bill, I needed to know what it was doing.  It started out simple enough, clear and direct, and had many of the common sense items we needed to secure a strong future for our own health system.  Over time, as it mutated, it became a playground for slanted compromise and shady deals in an attempt to woo the more conservative side of politics.  Soon, information on just what was in this healthcare bill was distorted and the two sides fought with misinformation and scare tactics.   There are good points to this bill, but there are now bad points to this bill as well.   I sit confused, and no longer able to back such a bill until I can clearly identify its alignment between good and evil.   Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a victim of propaganda aimed at misinforming and distortion.   I’ve done the research.   I’ve taken time and care to look at what is going on, not watch 5 minute videos on youtube.   I’ve seen all that I could read on the pages of the bill itself, and perhaps if I were smarter I could make more sense of it all.   Some parts were good.   But most of what I could make out didn’t fall into line with what I had envisioned as being “for the people”.   And now, I don’t even know if what I read was really the bill that exists now or not?


This bill was supposed to be for the people and a blow to corporate gouging.  My blind faith kept me pacified to its intentions.   As with my faith in general, it collapsed, and I was forced to think.   My frustration is real.   It hurts to think.   I want to just give up and follow along like so many others and just believe whatever bullshit the TV throws at me.  How much simpler life would be.   Blind faith would let me live a peaceful, happy, content life.   Blind faith has ruined this planet.


Perhaps we should just sit back and see what happens.   Maybe change, for better or for worse will be good for the country.   To me, it’s just rolling the dice.  What have we got to loose really?   It will either work or it will drive an even larger gap… Na, canyon, in this country.   Which would of course, bring revolution that much closer.                                            .PS.  I still believe Obama is a man of vision.  He just needs help.