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A Relentless Stench

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

I had hopes.  Hopes of a political solution to political problem.  I know now that I was dreaming.  I like many, am guilty of believing in a system that no long works.  I had hope that the system still had the people’s best interest in mind.  Over the years, I screamed at the injustices I witnessed.  Yet still, I had hope.  I traced my own empty footsteps in the sand and moved no mountains.  I waited for change.  I hoped for enlightenment.  But I saw only stupidity.  An entire race of morons, and I am no better.  I hoped that “We the People” would be able to pull them selves from the darkness, but they listen to fools.  A nation backed a chance at hope, then abandon it at the door.  I had hoped for a peaceful solution, but I can’t see it anymore.


It’s still early in the Obama administration, so perhaps I should be a little more forgiving.  Though I can see him trying, I can’t help but notice that he is alone.  He doesn’t have the support of anyone in a position to help.  It seems like nobody is willing to help out and take a stand for the people of this country.  And why should they?  The people aren’t willing to stand up for themselves.  As long as they have their iPods, cell phones and TV’s, they couldn’t care less what goes on around them.  By the time they’ve lost everything, they’ll be so stupid they wont care.


I wish for the days of spirit and revolution.