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It’s been a bad couple of weeks.

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

This has been a hard couple of weeks. Last weeks devastation of Haiti after a 7.0 earthquake, Tuesday’s loss of the Senate, and Thursday’s Supreme Court Failure.


Last Week:  Earthquake of 7.0 on the MMS, pretty much flattens Haiti.  Massive devastation and no infrastructure to receive help.  80,000 to 200,000 dead.  Just sad.


Tuesday:  The Democrats failed miserably to capitalize on their majority in the Senate.  They lost that majority on Tuesday, and the Republicans are going to crush any hopes of progress.  This is a loss for all of us.


Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided to overturn the limits on corporate campaign spending, saying it was unconstitutional.  Essentially this allows big corporations to bankroll a candidate with an endless amount of funding.  This does two things.  One; Big corporations no longer have a limit to what they can contribute to a candidates campaign.  Two;  Big corporations no longer have to hide payoffs to candidates under the table and away from monitoring eyes.  They can simply call it a “campaign contribution”, and it’s perfectly legal.   Sadly, this is being spun as a “Landmark Victory for Free Speech!”


This has been a bad week all the way around.   I’m so frustrated with it all.  I honestly see no other way out, than a complete and total revolution.  The problem with that is, it requires guns, and the people that have guns are all on the wrong side.   Smart people on one side, gun touting knuckle-draggers on the other.  It’s really frustrating.  If I just had control of FOX News (cough spit..) for just one day, I really think I could get my revolution rolling.    Bah, Humbug!

Can I get one here?

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

I see that over in

England arrest warrants have been issued for top ranking Israeli officials for war crimes.  Now granted these have been brought to the courts by a third party and aren’t indorsed by the government of England, but the effect it is having is by far the best step forward I’ve seen yet.  It has actually caused the Israeli military to make sure that it conducts its operations in a more legal, maybe even less harmful, way.

My question is;  Why can’t somebody issue an arrest warrant for George Bush?


English Court’s Humanity Score = 76     (up 12 points!)