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Two Issues Today

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

First Issue:  Dick Cheney comes out from under his rock to comment on the failed airline bombing attempt, scolding Obama, “We are at war and when President Obama pretends we aren’t, it makes us less safe,”. 

I say again, why is anyone still giving this Dick the time of day?  No Dick, what makes us less safe is your foreign policy which consists of stomping on every other countries nuts.  Way to make friends and influence people, Dick.


Second Issue:  Rupert Murloch ( I know it’s Murdoch, but that’s a WOW funny… anyway…) and his FOX Broadcasting Company, are trying to strong-arm my cable company into a new contract that would cost Brighthouse nearly four times what they are currently paying for FOX programming.  So far Brighthouse has fought the tactic, even with FOX hitting the media with every type of ad you can think of, threatening to pull their programming during the major college football “Bowls” this weekend.  


Two sides of the same coin

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

If you’ve been paying attention to what’s been going on around you, then you’ll have noticed that things haven’t cooled down in Iran.  I find it interesting how something like religious fanaticism, and martyrdom, two things that have been a huge thorn in our side during any of our multiple conflicts in the middle east, are actually working against the government of Iran.  I have to laugh at it, really.  The Iranian government has been cracking down on its people, and in the process it has killed a few.  This creates and even larger feeling of discontent amongst the people and has made martyrs of the dead.  Then the people gather in mass around the martyrs and carry them through the streets.  This causes the government troops to crack down even harder, and the vicious circle builds.


After watching it happen to us about a few dozen times, I’m quick to realize the potential for ruin, for the government anyway.   And I love it.


See, the problem that the Iranian government is having now is, that it is trying to re-implement some of its old hard-line policies through that nutjob of a leader Ahmadinejad.   Unfortunately for  them, they haven’t been paying attention, and most of their population has managed to become quite domestic and educated.   The domestication creates a sense of complacency amongst the people, and causes them to quietly protest in their homes when the education in them says they should be rioting in the streets.   Enter martyrdom.  Where domestication fails the human spirit and causes people to stop protesting in the streets for fear of loosing what they have, martyrdom and religious fanaticism lights a fire under their ass.   Its power so great, in fact, that once you get that ball rolling, it usually only has one of two outcomes.   The first possibility is a complete and total blanket of oppression in the form of a police-state, which can lead to the creation of a dictatorship.  The second is a possible revolution.  Even if the revolution is political in nature, one based on martyrdom, can’t avoid bloodshed.   Martyrdom equates (in my very limited knowledge) to shooting a tiger with a B-B Gun.  The more you shoot him, the more pissed off he’s going to get.  


Nothing touches the core of a soul more than a dead relative.   It creates more rage than any oppressive policy, and draws more people into the streets.  Then people start questioning the policy that created the situation in the first place.  Kill one today, you’ll have to kill 10 tomorrow… etc… etc.



PS. And in staying with today’s theme.

 Nice work Israel,  you’ve become that which you hate most.

In the end, what have you got?

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

Afghanistan.  I’m confused, I’m angry, I’m disappointed, and really just fed up with the monster that is Afghanistan.  The message I’m getting from Obama and our leaders is: “we must finish what we’ve begun, or we’ll allow the country to slip back to where it was before we arrived. A place for fostering, and promoting hate and terrorism.”   My question is this:  When it’s all said and done, do you honestly believe that we can fix that place?  There are warring factions there that we can’t even begin to understand, no matter how many times we read the history books.  Most of the Afghan people don’t even know who all the players are.  I understand the goal behind the idea, hunt and dismantle the terrorist organizations, I get that.  It’s just not obtainable.  There is no “one place” that exists for the operations of known enemy groups, anymore. 

   Lets face it, once we leave Afghanistan, nothing will have truly been accomplished.  And we have to leave, otherwise we’re just another faction, in a land of discontent.  So why stay?  Nothing we do right now will last.  Except, the deaths of more service members.

   Perhaps we are just waiting to make sure the new Opium crops take hold before we leave them to their farmers.


Humans are a cancer in this universe.  If there is a smarter form of life out there, it’d do well to scorch this planet clean of its infection.