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Ignorance or just plain malicious?

Friday, November 13th, 2009

I saw a bumper sticker today that really confirmed my belief that Republicans don’t think, they just go along like sheep.  The bumper sticker read:  “So how’s that Hope and Change working out for ya?”


The implications of this sticker, were actually very unsettling.  Please correct me if I’m wrong here…  But I believe that any time you make a sarcastic statement like “How’s that (blank) working out for you”, it’s usually meant in terms that you know that (blank) was a bad idea in the first place, and you’re rubbing its failure in somebody’s face.  Unless meant literally, which I’m sure it wasn’t due to all the pro Bush stickers accompanying it.


This was disturbing.  So either the guy in front of me is SOOO blindly ignorant that all he knows is he’s supposed to be Anti Obama, and that sticker ,as far as he knows, is anti Obama?  Regardless of what it is actually saying.  Or he really is against Hope and Change?  Now, I know plenty of people who don’t like change.  But what kind of person is against Hope?!!  And as far as I’m concerned, we need change!! 


So what is it buddy?  Are you really that big of an idiot, or are you a super villain?


Humanity Score = 45  (F-)




Some of you have made comments that I’m a screaming Democrat and that I’m skewed to lean against Republicans.  The fact of the matter is; I’m an Independent.  However, if I felt that the Democrats were trying to derail this country into a heaping pile of shit, I’d be kicking their ass as well.   It’s not my fault that the majority of the “Criminals Against Humanity” sit on the Republican side.  And if you are a Republican, you may need to rethink just what it is you believe is right.  It’s not a crime to change your mind, or at the very least use it.

Karma payment?

Friday, November 6th, 2009

When does Karma pay?  I was posed with a very difficult situation yesterday.  I was at the ATM at the bank, withdrawing some money, and as I was counting it I noticed that the machine had given me $20 too much.  I quickly checked the receipt to see if I had punched in the wrong number.  Nope I was right, $20 too much.  My first thought was “Nice!  There’s Lunch.”, but as I turned to walk away I started to get this bizarre sense of what I can only describe as “wrongness”.  I didn’t understand this.  I had always said, in many conversations about situations just like this, that I’d just keep the money, “they (the bank) have plenty of money, who’s it hurting?”.   But now I was actually faced with it.  I really wanted to keep it, but the feeling in my gut was persistent in it’s argument.  In an attempt to convince myself that it would be ok to I put my argument in to terms of Karma.


My argument was:  This is Karma paying me back for catching a mistake they made 4 years ago to the tune of $3500 in my favor.  I had built up so many Bank Karma points this was my “Karma payment”.  I didn’t know this but apparently once you have so many “Karma points” built up, Karma has to pay-out.  Or so my argument went.  My gut insisted this was incorrect, and that this was just adding to or subtracting from, depending on my final decision, the points I already had.  Or perhaps replenishing some points that I had lost somewhere along the way.  There was really no way to know.  All in all, my gut won, as I couldn’t prove this to be a payment of any kind, and I took the $20 back to an astonished group of bank tellers.  My gut was happy and promptly took me to McDonalds for a treat.


The lesson here is this:

If you ever get extra cash from the ATM, Keep the damn money!!  Your gut is evil and just wants an excuse to get fat!!!


So, when does Karma pay?