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Off Target… Again.

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Attorney General Eric Holder decided to go after the CIA’s gross “misunderstanding” of the definition of interrogation policies.  It’s about time!  But wait…  What’s this?  He’s not going after the right people?!!!   How could this be?  He’s going after the low men on the totem pole, not the people that gave the orders.  But why?  Do you mean to tell me that the Bush administration still has that much pull in Washington, to dance around us, flailing their Dick Cheneys in our face, singing “nany nany boo boo”? 

C’mon Eric!!!   Meanwhile, Dick Cheney has literally turn on a fountain of shit spewing from his mouth.  Lie after lie after lie….   And nobody is doing anything about it. 


The Democrats have never had so much support than during this past election.  Yet they SUCK at capitalizing on their fortune.   And yet the Republicans, have been able to (through hook or crook) mobilize every bottom feeder in the continental United States, and managed to push them onto the stage…  Totally misinformed, but hey, there they are.  So misinformed that they show up touting guns to a discussion about health care, thinking it was a Freedom to Bare Arms, rally.  Some where paid, and a lot were bused in, and follow the Senators from place to place like Grateful Dead fans, but slightly more organized, and equally smelly.


Tomorrow we’ll learn about the privatization of our security, and Daddy Bush’s involvement.  Stay tuned kids, this is a wild ride.

Time II

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Assuming that time is tangible,  what if somebody has already changed the timeline?  What if the timeline we’re currently on, isn’t the original?  What if Jesus was a time traveler?  What if the only way to make sure this timeline existed was to go back in time and create Jesus.  And if that didn’t happen, the world we know (or that we think we know) would have fallen into chaos in the early 1400’s and everyone killed each other.  So would there be multiple timelines?  Again I’d have to say no.  There can only be one linear timeline.  If it were possible to time travel, the very moment you changed something in the past the current future no longer exists, as you have changed the flow of the timeline.


But lets say that a second timeline is possible.  How many souls do you have?  And does the very possibility of a second timeline negate you being you and having only one soul.  This also brings into question, the existence of your soul, heaven, hell, and even God.  But these days, what doesn’t.