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Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Time.  My thoughts on the matter of time change with the wind.  For the longest time I thought that time was an intangible, a simple gauge that man created to explain the passing of the sun and stars, and getting old.  After all, it IS an intangible object.  But then I heard a story on NPR that explained it all so clearly, and I totally understood the concept of time and it’s existence.  Problem is, over time, I’ve forgotten just what it was they said and how they explained it.  So now (after much research into Relativity, Lorentz, Galilean, and Einstein’s theories) I’m back to thinking it doesn’t exist again.  But that’s a topic for a different day.


Today, I’d like to look at time travel.  Presuming time is tangible, and we can bend, fold, or manipulate it, I have a problem with the alternative reality theory, that so many movies love to use.

Ready?  Here we go…

First lets explain Alternate Reality, which can also be called the “parallel universe” theory (yet in my research they are not actually the same).

In the Alternate Reality theory, a person is able to travel back in time and change the past, hence creating “second stream” of reality, and that person is either able to exist in both realms, or the original realm ceases to exist.  This is by far the most used of all the theories by Hollywood. 

Here’s the example:  A man witnesses a murder.  He builds a time machine.  He goes back in time to prevent the crime.  Standard stuff really.

Here’s the problem:  If he prevents the murder, then there’s no reason for him to build the time machine.  If he doesn’t build the time machine, then he doesn’t prevent the murder, and the loop is dissolved.  My point is, you can’t do anything that would prevent you from being there in the first place.  There would be no way to travel back in time without altering the reason you went back in the first place or even risking your very existence.  So no matter what you try the event will always occur.  But then….  What do I know.                                                                                 On a lighter note:  My clients paid, and got to keep their site.  American Home Shield still sucks!!!!


Wednesday, July 8th, 2009


That’s it! I’ve had it!! I’m callin’ out all you mother fuckers!

I’m sick and tired of getting beaten about the head and shoulders by slack ass people and businesses.

First on my shit list is Falcon Pest Control. I paid you guys to fertilize and weed the lawn that I just paid $2000 for. You promised green grass and no weeds. The grass now has dead spots in it and WEEDS!!

You SUCK and you’re Fired.

Second US Heating and Air, and in conjunction with American Home Shield. US Heating and Air for not showing up for an appointment. You said you would be here between 3pm and 6pm. I take off early from work so that I could be here at 3pm. Apparently you called the home phone at 2:30 and nobody answered so you canceled the appointment. What do you want me to do wait around all friggin day for your ass? No. I was here at 10 til 3. But because I wasn’t here when you called,  a half hour early, you figured you didn’t have to come at ALL. You SUCK and you’re Fired. American Home Shield… You SUCK for not giving them my Cell phone number, like I had asked you too. You’re almost fired.

And finally… To my latest client, who decided to be a complete F’ing C, and write me a check that I can’t cash. That’s right I’m talking to you!!! I’m literally one click away from turning your site into a gay porn site. (sometimes CSS is a great thing) And don’t give me this shit about you can’t write me another check. I did you a HUGE favor and did your site for dirt. I even paid for your domain and hosting. This is the thanks I get? You get me my F’ing money “Gary” or I swear to god I’ll tell everyone your real name, that you “supposedly” are working so hard to keep secret. Dick head. You SUCK, and though I can’t fire you, you’re site is going to look a bit different come Friday morning.


Ahhhh, that feels better.


Wake up you masses of asses. I’m not takin’ your shit anymore.

Honesty in Advertising

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

People lying to get my money.  This has to be one of my biggest pet peeves ever.  I can’t stand the “used car salesman” style of selling things that so many companies use to push their wares on us.  It’s everywhere.  It’s on TV, it’s on the Radio, it’s in the news paper, in magazines, and forced down my throat on the internet.  Worst of all, it is served up by the very government that is supposed to serve us.  But I’m not making this a political post today…  So, I’ll just keep it simple.


Every now and then… Okay, every day, I see some sort of advertisement for something that clearly makes a claim that we all know it will never be able to make good on.  Those are easy to spot, so you just ignore them.  But what about the sneaky ads that advertise something simple then rope you into an entanglement of lies and deceit. 


For an example, I recently purchased flowers for mothers day from  The ad that I bought into was simple enough,  an email telling me I could get a selection of 18 flower (I don’t remember what kind) and a free vase for $29.99.   It sounded pretty straight forward, and I’m not an idiot ( I think? ) so I expected there to be some shipping costs.  What I didn’t expect was the final $69.78 bill!  Over double the original price advertised.  Here’s the kicker.  That price would have been higher if I hadn’t been paying attention to their purchasing process.  The process of  buying the flowers was a dizzying series of selections in which items in the set were either “upgraded” or added by pre-selected check boxes.  And is some cases the original “deal” options were cleverly hidden and or buried in scrollable windows.  The further into the sale I got the more I wanted to close the window completely and go buy the flowers from the guy on the side of the road.  “But this came wrapped and with a nice vase!!”   Ugh.   Never again.  Soon after that, I wrote them a nasty gram and told them their business practices were veiled in a cloud of deceit and trickery.  I haven’t heard anything back.   I wonder how much it would have come to, if I had let them keep their pre-selected items?  $100?   Bastards!


And that is just one of many sites and companies that SUCK.