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Destination Failure

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Healthcare in America


I’d love to just stop there….  The title says everything I need it to say.  But my big ‘ol mouth just wont stop yappin.  Here’s the simple point I’m trying to make.  If we half-ass this thing it’s going to fail miserably.  I realize times are tough, and people are screaming about taxes and what not…  sure I get it.  But if we undercut the funding for our national healthcare proposal, it’s going to crash and burn when we try to implement it.  As we speak, insurance lobbyists are attempting to sabotage the core plans for a successful nationalized healthcare system.  And they aren’t the only ones.  Big pharmaceutical companies are fully aware that they stand to loose their death grip on the drug market if this thing is successful.  Both the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies have one thing in common.  They both share ownership of the AMA.  The AMA will say whatever their owners tell them too, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that they the AMA came out against the proposed plan.  Once all the lobbyists are done picking apart the OUR health care plan, and the republicans have gnawed on its bones, the plan will be a mere skeleton  of what it once was.  The plan will be fragile and unable to complete its mission, destine to fail.  Once defeated, the healthcare you now have will become even more of a monster, either as retribution or simply because it knows it can.  After all, they’ll have to recoup all the money they’re dumping into lobbying now.


Our politicians are really the only ones to blame here.  Well, and us, for electing the scum.

Write your congressman/woman and let them know that this is something we cannot afford to be sloppy with.  We cannot afford to have an emaciated healthcare bill.  It has to be all or nothing.  Don’t half-ass this!


On a lighter note,  I saw Transformers II last night.  Or should we call it “The Megan Fox Review”?  The CG was outstanding. The plot wasn’t half bad. The acting was bearable.  The script was horrible, and the dumb “one liners” that seem to be the Hollywood standard now, get tiring after about 10 minutes.  It seems that one liners have replaced what used to be called dialog.  Thanks Terminator.  

Sex and Violence

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I was flipping through the channels the other day, way up in the high numbers, and I came across this channel that said free movies on demand.  I saw some really recent releases that I wanted to see, so I took a look at one of them to see what the deal was.  Suddenly, I’m confronted by this “holier than thou” guy explaining to me why my children shouldn’t be watching this movie.   What?  First, that’s false advertising (which is a whole other blog post).  Second, who the hell is this guy?  And where the hell does he get off telling me what to do?


Okay, I get it.  It’s supposed to be some sort of guide for the parentally retarded.  Fine.  But, as I’m listening to this guy, I notice the incurable slant he has against nudity.  And the somewhat nonchalant attitude on violence.  Now, I know this is an old debate, and nobody is really going to change the world here, but I still don’t understand the arguments on Sex  vs.  Violence.   I mean, one might give you an orgasm,  while the other might give you the electric chair.  And yes, some electric chairs might give you an orgasm, but that’s not the kind I’m talking about…  c’mon, stay with me here.  Seriously,  my question is this:  If for some inexplicable reason, you were given a choice of either exposing your 12 year old child to a murder, or two people having sex, which one would you choose?   I mean eventually, your child is going to grow up and experience one of these things, and I don’t think there’s a parent out there that’s going to hope it’s murder.  And if there is, I’m sure you can tell lil’ Johnny when he’s in prison, that your glad you chose to explain to him how to choke out a guy, rather than to explain sex.   Clearly he put it to so much better use.  Besides he’ll have the “Sex Talk” with his cell mate anyway.  


What is so scary about the female nipple anyway?  If you were in a dark alley, what would you want pointed at you?  Nipple,  or Gun?  Really people, loosen up.  Hmmm, no wait.  Loosen up is the wrong term.   Think!!  Think, is the right term.  Use your friggin’ mind.  Sex is natural, and more often than not, it’s something everyone has done.  Murder is not something everyone has done.  In fact, most kinda shy away from it.  So, why are so many people (you know who you are) freaking out about sex in movies or sex on TV, yet mass murder has become a national pastime.   Yet another reason this country is behind the rest of the world.   Oh, except in war.  We make good war.


Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

The more I write, the more I realize what a self-serving and egocentric act blogging really is.  So why do I do it?  Why does anybody do it?  Posting your thoughts out there for the whole world to see, in hopes of getting a subscriber or two so we somehow validate our existence on the planet, seems at the very least pathetic, and at the worst megalomaniacal.  Or maybe I’m being to critical?  Romantically speaking, perhaps we’re all just trying to be heard in a big noisy world.  Trying to shine bright so others who will never know us, can get a glimpse of  who we are, or who we might have been.  An effort to not be forgotten in the vast emptiness of space.  In hopes that maybe we meant something.  Maybe we were alive.  Maybe we touched another life outside our own and that life took note of our image… Maybe.  Something?  Anything?  But I digress.  There’s nothing anonymous about blogging and even those who try, secretly want everyone to know it’s them.  I mean, why say something if you aren’t looking for the credit.  Unless of course you’re offending someone, and in those cases you should grow a spine.  Or perhaps blogging is just our way of accepting the fact that our lives will never be remembered as the one of the great humans of history, and this is just how we deal with it.  We lived, we weren’t great.  There’s no building or monument bearing our name.  Some of us wont even get a tombstone to mark our grave.  Even thought we did everything we could… it doesn’t make us a failure, we just didn’t rise as high as others.  Perhaps blogging gives us that opportunity.  Or if nothing else, for a brief period of time it allows us the illusion of having more than just our promised 15 minutes.