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Stupid Evil Zombies.

Monday, May 4th, 2009

It seems like every time I turn around I’m seeing Dick Cheney and Karl Rove on the news talk shows (FOX), running off at the mouth, talkin’ shit about the Obama administration.  Who in the hell is listening to these idiots?  Why are we still hearing from them?  I’m not surprised that they have the audacity to keep opening their pie-holes, but why is anybody paying attention.  After what they did to this country, if they had any hint of humanity, they’d have enough sense to crawl under the nearest rock and stay there.  At any rate…   If this country had any sense, it would go after these bastards for treason.


On a lighter note:

Zombies.   Anyone that knows me knows I hate Zombies.  They creep me out more than any other ghoul around.  My question is this.  Zombies eat brains, right?  Then how do they make other Zombies?  I mean, after the initial catastrophic event that created the Zombies, I’m to understand that the only other way to make a Zombie is for a normal person to have sustained some sort of injury or bite from a Zombie.  In turn, that means the only way to become a Zombie is to barely escape a Zombie attack.  But most people don’t escape with just an injury…  And the alternative would be the Zombie eating your brain.  Now, unless I’m totally mistaken, I’m pretty sure the Zombies don’t take care of the head that they are trying to get the brains out of.  Now the only way to kill a Zombie is to destroy it’s head, correct?  So how are the Zombies making other Zombies if they are destroying the head?  You can’t have a Zombie without a head, or some way to kill it.  So that being the case, is it safe to say that if you see your friend being dragged off by a pack of Zombies, that you will NOT be seeing him in Zombie form?

Secondly:  What’s the cut off for Zombies?  I mean, how much decomposer is allowed before you aren’t allowed to come back as the living dead?  You never see bleached white skeletons  walking around with the other Zombies.  So what is it?  25% decomposed, 40%?  Anyway….  Just curious.   

Relax… Some of you.

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Two quick things this time. First: Swine Flu. 

Relax people.  The government didn’t create this strain so they panicked and started shooting flairs off everywhere.  This strain is no more deadly than any other strain.  But as I said, the government and their close friends at the pharmaceutical company didn’t create this variant, so they got kinda freaked out.  “Damnit, we’re not ready!”  How would they capitalize on this one?  So we need to just take a step back, relax and not feed into the hype.  This is what happens when the people that are controlling stuff like this suddenly have no control.


Second: Chrysler and Fiat.

Most of us knew that the “bail-out” wasn’t going to save the auto industry.  At least I thought we knew that.  Seems that nobody told the guys in Italy over at Fiat.  As much as I can appreciate their zealous, in an attempt to bring the Americans into the 20th century, (yes I know it’s the 21st century, that’s the point) I don’t think they are completely aware of the huge turd they purchased.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Fiat really turn Chrysler into something worth owning.  But I really think the cards are stacked against them.  Mercedes-Benz was unsuccessful back a few years ago, so why Fiat?  Granted, the tables were turned on that situation, and it was kinda Chrysler just taking tech when it wanted and never really executing it correctly.  Needless to say, Benz realized the futility of it all and pulled out as quickly as it could.  I haven’t been able to read the full plan that Fiat has in store for Chrysler, I just hope their executives are strong enough to force the Chrysler executives into submission, and prevent further bloodletting.

On a side note: If this were a French company buying into Chrysler, it would fail.  No god fearing redneck is going to buy a truck from a French company.