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Programmers… ugh.

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Programmers go that extra mile.  Why?  Because they insist on going out of their way.  In order to make things easier, they’ll take a simple process and over engineer the hell out of it, to the point that there is no way to avoid doubling your effort and time.  A simple process of adding an image and link to an html email, suddenly spins out of control and become this multi page cluster fuck.  The problem really lies in the fact that most programmers are too smart for their own good.  Say I wanted to draw a straight line between to points.  You and I would just draw the line.  A programmer, however, will break out the mathematical equations and crap.  Three days and $500 later, you’ll have your perfectly straight line, drawn by some MIT grad’s robot, and a statistical readout that explains how the line you are seeing only exists virtually, but if you’d like to play a game based on that line, please go to the nearest computer and press “ctrl E”. 


Here is an example of programmers wet dream.


A simple HTML image/link:


“<a href = “” ><img src =”images/t2u_banner.jpg “ border=”0”></a>”


Easy right?


Now the same thing with a programmer at the wheel:


“<cfif #request.showT2Ubanner# = “true”>

                        <a href=“#T2YouURL#”><img src=“#request.G_DOMAIN##request.resortResources#/images/Tickets2You_Banner.jpg” border=“0″></a>


<cfset T2YouURL =”#request.TICKETS_TO_YOU#”>

<cfset request.showT2Ubanner =”ture” />

<cfset request.showT2Ubanner =”false” /> (one for every page that doesn’t get the image.)

<cfset request.showT2Ubanner =”false” />

<cfset request.showT2Ubanner =”false” />

<cfset request.showT2Ubanner =”false” />

<cfset request.TICKETS_TO_YOU = “” />


And it looks clean now, all on one page, but spread this ridiculousness across 6 pages, and you have Fusebox (or a programmers Funbox).  9 pages if you include the .environment files that I needed to edit as well.  And this is supposed to be easier?


Couldn’t just leave well enough alone could ya.