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A parting shot

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

A Parting Shot

As a tribute to the Great (cough, wheeze) George W. Bush, I’d like to take a moment to reflect upon the accomplishments of the man that will be come known as the worst president EVER.


George W. Bush, the man whose life is an endless stream of failures,  did manage to rig one election, and through some miracle, kept his job for another term.  That isn’t saying much if you add up the amount of stupid people vs. smart people, in this country.  Never the less, I will not take those away from him.  But what else did he do?  Let us take a look.


He succeeded in failing to capture one man.  

He succeeded in starting a war using false advertisement and total disregard for the projected outcome.

He succeeded in gaining access to some of the richest oil fields on the planet for his father and his partners to pillage and plunder.

He succeeded in the deaths of over 4000 service men and women,  without a reason, or a thing to show for it.  Not to mention, over a hundred thousand civilian woman and children that are either dead or crippled due to his direct actions.  Go Dubbya, Go!

He succeeded in making this country one of the, if not the most hated countries on this planet.

He succeeded in some of the worst human rights violations in our recent history.  Both foreign and domestic.

He succeeded in allowing this country to fall into the hands of some of the worst criminal minds, a.k.a.  Donald “The Warlord” Rumsfeld, and the Dick “Architect of Doom” Cheney, for their own profit.

He succeeded in spending more money than ever before in history to do all of the above.

He succeeded in driving the state of our economy straight into the ground to fund all these fun activities.

He succeeded in pulling the wool over the eyes of “most’ the American people, and got away with it all.

The list goes on…

He succeeded in becoming the worst president EVER.


And that’s why this man,

 My Hero

Muntazer al-Zaidi  is my personal hero.

I only wish he was a better shot.

Ugh… Really? You want more?

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

So many things to write about today, but I’ll try to narrow it down to two.  First, lets revisit the American auto makers, and their pillaging of the Stimulus Package, and consequential screwing of the American people.  Again! 

A few days ago, Chrysler had it’s hands out for the second time, begging for more money.  Why didn’t anyone learn the first time, that throwing money into the Auto industry at this venture is like patching the Hoover Dam with a Band-Aid.  All we’re doing is prolonging (and not by much) the inevitable collapse of these companies.  Or worse, padding the pockets of the high level executives as they prepare for the obvious implosion of their companies.  Companies, they themselves drove to extinction.  With help from the very unwittingly and quite possibly retarded UAW. 

Now, I’m not heartless.  And I feel for the workers and families of the workers that are struggling right now to make ends meet.  Most of us are.  I get that.  But that doesn’t change the situation.  We need to allow these companies to attempt to stand on their own two feet, with out the crutch of and cost of, what could quite possibly be, our own salvation.  If they fail, then they needed to fail.  Throwing money at them isn’t going to stop that from happening.  It’s a FACT, backed up by their financial figures.  You can’t expect 16+ Billion Dollars to fix an industry that is losing 25+ Billion Dollars every fiscal quarter.  It’s basic math.  16 – 25 = -9 .   DUH!  It doesn’t even cover a fiscal quarter!  I’m nowhere close to qualified enough to answer these questions and I have never been good at math, but even I know this is a crappy deal.  Let them FAIL.  The rebirth of the auto industry is needed, and possibly at hand.


Second subject:

Over the past month I have become increasingly disgusted with the Republican side of our government.  With every single action they have taken recently, they have proven themselves to be spoiled little children with only their own interests at heart.  They have shown that beyond a showdown of a doubt, they can not and will not work with this administration, no matter how much good it could do if they did.  They actually want the Obama administration to fail.  Even if by doing so, it means the worse possible future for us.  They can’t stand the fact that he is honestly trying to fix the entangled mess that the previous administration, the Bush administration, their administration has left behind.  They hate it even worse that he may succeed, and that he doesn’t look like a complete idiot like “The Great God, Bush”.  Hold on to your seats friends, we are going to see such a vindictive team of self-serving politico’s that it will make us all sick to our stomachs.  Sabotage, Backstabbing, Murder…    PHILLLLOBUSTEEEEERS!!!  Ohhhhh  GOD!!  The endless streams of uncompromisation, ( Yes I said uncompromisation!!  It’s going to be a word!! ) will tear down this country.   But most of all, reveal the true nature of the GOP.  I’ve seen it.  Pay ATTENTION!!