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Flu Shot Anyone?

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

I’m just on the tail end of this seasons Flu, and it was worse than I had thought it would be.  I was out for the entire week of the Christmas vacation sick, and I had some time to really think about how crappy I was feeling and about the little shot that may have prevented it.  In the Doctors office he asked me, “Did you get a flu shot?” to which I answered “no”.   This got me thinking even more.

The flu is different every year.  How do they know what this years flu is going to be, so they can make she shot that will prevent it?  The shot itself is nothing more than a little tiny bit of the flu.  Just enough so that your body will build a defense against it, for when the real flu gets to you.  In order to make enough flu vaccine for everyone, you’d have to do a few things.

First, you’d have to identify the flu strain.  As they are different every year, you’d have to find the strain, with such a pinpoint accuracy, you’d almost have to know where it was going to show up first.  If you didn’t know where it was going to show up (which you shouldn’t) it might take weeks for it to manifest itself into a recognizable flu strain.  Secondly, after identifying the strain, you would then have to reproduce it in a vaccine form in MASSIVE quantities.  Even in the finest labs that amount of vaccine, not to mention packaging and shipping, would take a month or more to achieve.  By then, the flu season itself would be half over.  So how, then, are they able to give you a vaccine months before it(the flu) gets to you?


It’s time to connect the dots of logic.

Is the flu shot free?  In some places yes, but keeping in mind those places are charged for the actual vaccination shots and in some cases are given government vouchers to help pay for the shipments.  But there is a cost.  The labs are not run by the government, they are commercial laboratories and corporate factories to mass produce the vaccines, packaging, shipping materials and such.  Have you ever known a corporation, especially a med company to give you anything for free?  I’ll pause for your laughter.   Clearly they do not.

And how are they able to get me the vaccine before the flu even arrives?  I think you can see where this is going.  Those same laboratories and chemical companies, in an effort to generate business, are the ones responsible for the creation of the very flu strain, that their “magic vaccine” is supposed to prevent.  Of course it can prevent it!!  It’s the same damn thing!!  That’s how they know so quickly which strain it is.  They not only create it, but are responsible for its controlled release into the population.  It’s the same place (Southern Asia) every year.  They use this location every time because it’s easy for them to monitor and control in the event they screw up.


Allow me, if you will, to provide some evidence (DISCLIAMER: Any and all evidence given in this article is factual, however EVENTS linking to any wrong doing or conspiracy on behalf of the government and or any company or laboratory, is purely  the opinion of the writer and without merit.  This is completely conjecture.)  .  I’ll ask you to recall the flu season of 2006, in which there was a horrible shortage of flu vaccine.  It was a particularly bad strain that year and in fact we had a record breaking death toll for that flu season.  Well, due to horrible weather patterns in Southern Asia that year, it is my belief, that led to a mutation of the flu strain they released.  They were unable to control the strain and by the time it reached the U.S. they were forced to recall the vaccines they had previously shipped out.  In fact, those that had taken the vaccine were now susceptible to two different strains of the original that they had created.  They fed us the lines of standard BS and in some cases continued to give out bad vaccines in hopes the strains were “close enough”.


Why would the government and these companies do this?  Money.  As I’m sure you can imagine, the profit from such a scam far outweighs cost of the lives of the people.