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Thursday, November 6th, 2008

As you all know, the country finally woke up and got something right.  Obama has been elected president.  It’s about time we came together in mass, and actually took back our country.  Other countries recognize what this means, and came out to celebrate the end of what was seen as a tyrannical, blood thirsty, and greedy, administration.  Now is our time.  Consider this win as a foundation to build our future and reverse the last eight years of poor policies.  We have much work to do, and the next four years will be difficult, but the pay off will be well worth the fight.   I’m Proud of us as a nation, and proud of Florida for finally going blue.  YAY!!!


On a sad note, Amendment 2 passed.  That just goes to show you, we have a LOT of work to do.  And with hard work we’ll be able to educate the confused, and set this country on the right path.


All this being said…   Never, ever, under any circumstances, trust a politician.  I’ll be watching this guy like a hawk and if he starts throwing bodies in his closet, I’ll ram it down his throat.  Congratulations Barack!

No Stupid tonight!!!!

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

Today is election day.  I have almost no doubt that the people will choose correctly.  I say almost because if we have learned anything, we have learned that, in this country, you can always count on stupid.  Stupid elected an idiot to the most important office in the world.  Stupid defended its choice relentlessly, even in the face of obvious lies to the American people about an unnecessary war.  Stupid ignored the world economy and decided that the word “debt” was a fictitious word created by the “liberal” media, and didn’t really mean anything.  Stupid reelected that same idiot!!  But then, that’s expected of stupid.  Lets hope stupid stays home tonight.