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Freaks & Geeks

Friday, October 31st, 2008

SCC had another good turn out for their annual Feaks & Geeks event.  I’d especially like to thank Sebastian Aravena and Brian LeGros for representing RAnDOM and ADOGO user groups.  The event features LAN gaming, industry speakers, design competition, local and national booths, as well as food and other exhibits.  Big thanks to Mike and Viki, for having me out, it was good fun.

If not now… When?

Friday, October 31st, 2008

As the world’s financial outlook grows dimmer and dimmer, it’s nice to see a shining light amongst the darkness.  I’m referring, of course, to the record breaking 3rd quarter profits for Exxon Mobil.  The 14.8 BILLION dollar surpassed even Exxon’s analysts estimates.  And now the oil companies are pissed about dropping prices.  They don’t care about you and their government sponsors don’t care about you.  Not that companies themselves need to care.  In fact, I would expect them not to care.  That’s the price of doing business with them.  But, any government official that spews the praises of those oil companies, and profits from it, needs to be hung up by the toes (Mussolini style) in the public square.  While we’re at it, it’s time to rise up from the ashes of this of this economic disaster and take control of our destinies.  Free yourself from the binds of a fearful world.  Think about your next step and make the jump.  We need people.  The masses must be heard.   Complacency is no longer acceptable.  Go vote.

Forest Fires of the Modern Age

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

I hear a lot of people saying they wouldn’t want a socialist government, and in some respects I can understand that, even if their ideas of socialism are misguided.  Those same people say that if Obama wins that’s exactly what we’ll have, socialism.  I wish people weren’t so damn stupid.  But then I guess we need to have stupid people in the world to provide entertainment and cheap labor.


The bail-out money has become a source of the worst type of degeneration I’ve seen in years.  Many large corporations are fighting over who gets how much or even any at all.  Each attempting to climb over the backs of the others…  “we need it, because we’ll create jobs!” is the general cry for help, while others insist they need it because… “we need to be able to give severance packages.”  Most of the severance packages are going directly to the top executives of the very companies they put into the ground.


The Bail-out should be treated as a forest fire.  Save the homes if you can and let the rest burn.  Or maybe the whole thing should be treated like the roof in that popular rap song of the 80’s…  The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don’t need no water, let the MF’er burn!  Burn MF’er, BURN!  Crazy you say?  Maybe.  Make no mistake, I’m aware of the consequences of allowing the bail-out to fail.  It would be mayhem, there would be mass layoffs, unemployment so high you wouldn’t be able to see the end of the welfare line, big companies would fall,  homelessness would increase, the depression.  I get it. Or, maybe nothing would happen at all.  But think about what happens after a forest fire…  New life.  The fire clears out the old and dead trees, to make way for new life, fresh young trees, waiting to sprout from the earth.  The same needs to happen in our financial markets.  Why pump money into the old companies, with their corrupt roots and failing limbs?  Light them ablaze, tear them down, and plant new businesses and new ideas into the ashes.  Why would I want to prop up an ailing General Motors, when perhaps there could be a new electric car company that would rise from its dust.  This country has become complacent in its industrial sectors, relying heavily on it’s rotten roots to carry the load.  Perhaps it’s time for a change?  I think the time is here.  The American people have proven to be quite inventive during hard times, and I believe we need some of that ingenuity again.  So, Out with the old, make with the chaos, smooth it all out with some brilliance, and we’ll be sitting pretty again.  


I mean, lets face it, the big corporations begging for the bail-out money have had it good for a very long time.  It’s nobodies fault but their own that they are having a hard time now.  Let them fall.  Do you think they care about you?  Do you think they’d say “it’s okay that you can’t make your payments this month, we’ll forgive your car loan and help you out a little.”  No.  You know as well as I do, that they wouldn’t help you.  And neither would the other companies that have their hand out for a bit of the Great Cash Giveaway.  In fact, they’ve taken your car, your house, and charged you financial responsibilities, they know you can’t cover.  They all work as a team to get your money, so I say, let them fall together.  All of them.