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When the going gets though, the though cancel their campaign.

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

True to form, the Republican presidential hopeful John McCain suspended his campaign in time to miss the first round of the debates, scheduled for Friday.  McCain sited the “bail out bill” as the reason for his side-step, and attempted to pull Obama into the murk, by asking him to join his little “pout-out”.  To which Obama was critical of McCain saying that the position of president would face more than one task at a time, and perhaps McCain was not up to the job.


This also brings to light, that this may be a smoke screen on the behalf of McCain’s campaign  team to keep Palin out of the VP debate.  Why would they do that?  Well, as most of us have seen, Palin is unable to string a coherent thought together, and would look completely foolish in front of millions of people.  She also has refused to disclose her income until after the debates.  Now why would she do that?  Probably because of the amount of money that big oil companies have pumped into her bank account, would not only alienate her from the rest of the nation, but would also give the Dems such ammunition against her that she’d be unable to answer the questions they’d ask.  The possibilities for things to go wrong increase when you’re not in a controlled environment.  And let’s face it, she’s not the quickest on her feet.  The McCain campaign has put a lot of eggs in the Palin basket, and they’ll do anything to keep it safe.  If she falls, he’s done.


Side NOTE:  $700,000,000,000.00

That’s a lot of zeroes.  Sadly this is just a band-aid to the problem.  There is no accountability to the bad judgment of a few key people.  We are left to suffer for that mistake.  The plan is flawed.  The plan is a rouse.  Never trust those that bum-rush the American people into bad deals, like a used car salesman trying desperately to get rid of that shinny orange Pinto.  They use fear to appeal to your sense of urgency and before you know it, you’ve signed on the dotted line.  Sold your prosperity, sold your future, and sold your soul, to men in the smoke filled room. 


There are other plans out there.  Other plans a thousand times more logical to get the job done, and actually help us get this “crisis” under control.  These plans are waiting, but nobody will hear them…   They rush to pass a bill package that three fourths of the people voting on it, don’t even know what it says.  Nobody learns. Nobody pays attention until it’s too late.


Further more…  the population of the U.S.A. is


How much would we get if they just handed us the cash?


The 11th hour

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Republicans are back up to their old tricks again.  As in the past, the republicans have come to the realization they are unable to win the presidential election via honest means, based on their party platform and the worth of their candidate.  This election is no different from the others, therefore it’s time to fully automate the war machine and wage war on the American people.


So, what is it we’re faced with this election?  Yet another barrage of semi-legal tactics and lies aimed at directly affecting the outcome, and keep those who are truly in power, in power.  This election, their first step is to produce a DVD that tries to link Obama’s name to extreme Islamic fundamentalists and says that by voting for him, you’ll hand this country over to Terrorists.   This 60 minute DVD was sent, at great cost to members deep within the republican party, to swing states, in hopes that it will create a sense of fear amongst the population.  They, as in the past, are banking on the stupidity of the people.  And why not, it’s worked for them before.


The second method exists in a more sinister shadow.  Following their standard M.O., their next step is always to attempt to block voters in the lower income brackets from voting.  The tactic is illegal, but has many loop holes, which the Republicans are PROS at exploiting.  This election is no exception, and their exploit is aimed at the people who have suffered the most due to our failing economy.  By that I mean the thousands of people who have lost their homes to foreclosure or are currently in foreclosure.  The bill that is being pushed through at a level that would make a snake look down, makes it illegal for people who have recently had their homes foreclosed on, to use their old home address for registering to vote.  This bill has been specifically designed and timed, so that if it passes, those people who it affects, will be unable to make the deadline for registering to vote. Hence they can’t vote!


You might say to yourself, “so?”.  Well if you think about it, how many of those people do you think will be voting Republican?  As you can imagine, anyone that has lost a house is hot and heavy to blame the failing economy and those that are responsible…  the White House.  Those in power have every clue to how the game is played, and have no problem stepping on the down trodden to achieve their goals.  Make no mistake, there are evil men in this world, and they have their designs on a world of pain and suffering, for us.

Get out there and VOTE!!!  Help a friend register!!!

No taxation without… what?

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

And again I find myself using the quote “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”

Why are people so cheap? Why do people feel that they shouldn’t pay taxes? Now, I know what you are thinking, Why should I pay a government my hard earned money just so they can pay for over priced billion dollar war machines. To that I would have to agree. However, what I find more often are the people that don’t want to pay into social welfare projects. I even hear people speak of not wanting to pay school taxes after their children have grown up and are no longer in the school system.

For those of you that hate the idea of supporting the less fortunate, let me run something by you. Did it ever occur to you that there is a reason that we do this? I mean beyond the reason that it’s the right thing to do… I mean, who cares about the poor? Their poor. Just let them die, right. No. Wrong. I could go into the responsibilities of being human and all, but I honestly don’t think that pulling on your heart strings will loosen that death grip on your wallet. So let me explain it to you in a way that will really touch what’s most important you… YOU.

Have you ever noticed how our own government and many others, are always so quick to send humanitarian aid to sick and rotting third world countries. Have you ever taken a second to think about the impact that it actually has on an unstable social environment? There are many reasons that countries of the world will spend a ton of cash throwing rice to the hungry. But the underlying truth is a much more self serving one, to be sure. They do this so the people of these suffering countries wont rise up in revolt. There’s something to be said of the masses when they are at their ends. A people that have nothing to loose, only gain by their violent means. But further, they threaten any holdings the greater powers may have in those regions. Governments have learned over the centuries how to maintain sticky situations in territories they deem as “Useful resources”. Oh sure, not all the aid is used as tall grass for slippery snakes, but they leave the real humanitarian stuff to the numerous religious groups, and that diabolical smoke machine known as the Red Cross.

Lets bring it home now. Surely by now you can see that even the most basic of governments is able to grasp the importance of bringing aid to those that need it, in areas that they themselves need. So how does this apply to you? You’re all nice and comfortable in your house, watching your big screen TV. The very thought that the troubles of the third world could be knocking on your doorstep is completely ridiculous. And for the most part, that’s true. Sally Struthers wont be walking around your neighborhood any time soon. But, take a moment, and drive down to the bad areas of your town. There are real people living there. And as the chasm that divides the haves, and the have nots, grows deeper by the day, you take note of things they don’t have. Basic things that we take for granted. And know that by supporting the programs that they need, you have your first line of defense. By cutting the social welfare programs that they need you will in turn make it more likely that they will rob and kill you. It’s basic human behavior. You have, I don’t. I want. I kill you and take yours. History has taught us this to be true in the world. The governments of the world have learned this already. So pay your damn taxes and save your own ass.

Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

All the great powers fall to those at the foot of the steps.