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Ya big babbies.

Monday, August 11th, 2008

“Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.”

-George Santayana

Although a philosopher has given us the quote, it was a crazed cult leader, Jim Jones, that put it over the entrance to one of the most infamous mass suicide/murder scenes this planet has seen. Perhaps the lesson was askew amongst the happy-go-lucky Kool Aide drinkers, because the people did not learn. The people, they never learn.

On to another issue. I’m tired of the “junior high” like actions of my co-workers. There’s an issue here not being handled with any kind of professionalism or maturity. Here’s the situation:

A former manager here wrote, in his own personal blog, his views on how it was to work here, what his visions were for the company and the people he managed. He didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, really. Just more of his points of view. They may sting a little, but that didn’t make them lies. He also talked more about his current place of employment, and how nice it is to work there.

Here is where things get messed up. One of the managers here, who doesn’t agree with the views, opinions, and visions of the future, of the former manager, decided to hold a contest here at work. Free lunch to the best response/comeback, to said blog post.

There are two main flaws here, I’m sure there are a lot more but here’s my take on it. For one; The complete lack of professionalism on the part of the manager who is starting this contest. I don’t care what a former employee is saying or writing, take the appropriate action. NOTHING. Let it go. Even if it’s an attack, let it go. People will see it for what it is, a petty attempt to hurt or damage. Don’t lower yourself to their level. Especially so, if you’re a manager or lead person. People are looking at how you conduct yourself. Your team, under your management, follow your lead and examples. Buy buying-in to a foolish feud or petty squabble that doesn’t exist is completely ridiculous. Secondly, in this companies current state of moral, this contest did nothing but create even more divide amongst the staff here. Some of the troops respected and followed the ideals of the former manager. Opening a contest like this doesn’t help matters. It brings everyone down, and leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of employees trying to make things work in the new environment. An environment that has become increasingly more hostile for anyone that shows any sign of ghosting the previous momentum.