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Cash or Card?

Monday, July 28th, 2008

WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Bush’s budget chief blamed the faltering economy and the bipartisan stimulus package for the record $482 billion deficit the White House predicted for the 2009 budget year.”

I was wondering when we were going to start this. Quite frankly, I think they’re a bit behind. We should have started the blame game at least 2 months ago. Maybe it’s because nobody had enough audacity to get that ball rolling, or perhaps it just took this long to try and find the right angle to spin this plate of poop.

Does anybody really believe anything that comes out of the White House these days? It’s high time the people of this country that voted for this moron, to stand up and explain themselves. But I digress… It wouldn’t help, and we don’t really want to hear from them anyway. It’s the current administration that needs to accept it’s title, and Bush that needs to embrace his place in history as the worst president ever. EVER! For the White House puppet show to come out and blame “faltering economy and the bipartisan stimulus package” for the massive debt that we are in, is absolutely mind boggling. Perhaps the economy is faltering (crashing, even) is because of the completely irresponsible amount of spending our government has done? How did they think it was going to work? Lets take a look.

If your government blows through your (formerly surplus) national budget in it’s ambitious quest for oil, through means of death and destruction, and has to borrow money from global banks. That maybe your first problem. Borrowing money, lowers the value of your currency on the global market. In turn, devaluing your exports, and increasing the price of your imports. That’s a BAD thing. Duh. Especially when your economy is so heavily dependant on foreign goods. Both hard and soft goods. It’s really that simple.

The faltering economy is a direct result of our president’s faltering brain, and endless greed. For the White House to blame the “faltering economy” for the National Debt, is yet another lie they’d like you so suck on for a while. The Debt came first, and caused the rest.

Side Note: This really gets me. To the blonde bimbo in your “earth conscious” Champaign colored Toyota Prius, license plate: T99 6IS,


Come again?

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

I turned on the TV last night to catch the end of the UFC’s “Count Down to Silva and (some other guy)” fight, right. Flipping through the channels and noticed that PBS was running this show called “Sound Stage”, and I thought I’d just see who they were featuring. I get there, and it was Steve Nicks. Now, anybody that knows me, knows that this is simply NOT my cup of tea, but before I could change the channel, I was completely enthralled with the performance. I don’t know what else to tell you? I was captivated. Truly an amazing performance. And by someone I had absolutely no interest in what so ever. I sat and watched the whole show. Steve Nicks was indeed a class act. She sounded great, she looked good, but there was something else? Something I hadn’t seen in a long time. Something that in todays bands and singers seems to be lost or perhaps so over produced it gets shoved aside in place of throwing off the right attitude, be it “bad boy” or “though girl” or completely “EMO”. The thing that struck me was her connection to the music. It wasn’t just words coming out of her mouth… Her entire life and soul was in every sound wave. I was impressed, no, I was VERY impressed. Ok, ok, back to reality. So maybe I’m no uber-fan, and I’m probably not very likely to go buy any albums, but I would sit through that show again, and for me, that’s saying something.

And I’m Still waiting…

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

So, I’m writing to you from the VW dealership where I bought my car.  I also get work done here.  Well, I use to get work done here.  I came in this morning around 8:45am, that was my scheduled appointment time, to have my oil changed and have them look at my air conditioning…  just look at it, I didn’t want to fix it now if it was going to be too expensive.  It’s now 2:30pm, and I’m $500 + tax,  poorer.   All I have to show for this whole ordeal is fresh oil in my car.