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Lessons in futility

Friday, June 27th, 2008

There’s a new book out that I’d really like to read by Vincent Bugliosi, called “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder”. Now I’m sure there’s nothing new to me in here, as far as information, but you never know. And I have been saying we needed to try the rat bastard for murder ever since the very first death, in his war for oil.

Sadly, we all know that nothing is going to be done about it, and Bush will slink away under the guise of executive privilege. A weak hearted Democrat party will make a little noise but never really do anything, and the Republican party will shut the American people up with yet another “stimulus check” smoke screen. I wish I could say they weren’t fooling anyone… but they are. America is asleep at the wheel.

Never before under any other president have we had soooo many Large Scale Crimes taking place under our very noses and nothing being done about it. Oh sure every President has had their “scandal”, but none have had such an impact as any one of the numerous crimes under George W. Bush. Nixon had Watergate… not bad. So he tried to rig an election, that’s pretty big. But how does it stand up to the treasonous act of blowing the cover of an active CIA agent, whose husbands report didn’t favor the presidents plans for invading an otherwise benign country? And lets not forget Clinton getting a blow job in the oval office! Oh my God!! Clearly, the crime of the century. He would’ve been ok, if he just didn’t lie about it to Congress. The republicans went after him like a pit bull on that one. But how does it compare to lying and making up bogus threats, to us, and the entire world, just so the president and some of his friends can make a crapload of money? Not to mention, sending our country down the toilet financially, and causing the sum 4000 plus (and growing) deaths of our military men and women. And what about the 1,225,898 Iraqi deaths? Not that any of you cared about them anyway, right. Whatever… It’s still a lot of people, and thanks to one mans dream(greed) they’re dead. Ok, maybe not just one man, lets say a small group of men, who had in mind the idea of completely wrecking multiple countries for the sole purpose of making money off of everyone.

We all know nothing will happen and that justice will not be served. It’s all of our faults. We let this happen. You, Me, All of us. This is our fault. So lets try to do the right thing, and put president Dumbass on notice. Write your local representative and make them know that you no longer want the president and his buddies to hide behind the curtain of executive privilege, and that they must be held accountable for their actions.

Side note: Does it make you gay if every CD in your car is a Disney movie soundtrack… Oh wait, not just a soundtrack, but the “show tunes” version?

Thanks for driving us to lunch, Vince.

Which way do I go?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

I am in a state of conflict. Not just Florida, but I mean my own conflict, inside my head. It’s just one of many, but this one is come to the forefront due to some really cool things happening (finally) in our country. I’m referring to legal same-sex marriages. I think its great, and long overdue.

Here’s my quandary. Legal rights of both, gays and lesbians as well as private individual business owners. Where does one, over ride the other? This is and extremely sensitive and murky area, and one that I have a great struggle with. In one hand, I believe that any business that has a problem with Gays, Lesbians, Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, or what have you, can go F themselves in the worst ways known to mankind. To think that this day in age, people cannot get over the ignorance of their forefathers, simply blows my mind. On the other hand, I believe in freedom of speech and keeping the ability to have my own opinions and to live by my convictions, in a manner that I see fit based on those opinions, as long as I am doing NO harm to others. Do you see my conflict here? Now, I know most of you are saying “what conflict? You can’t discriminate. Period.”. To that I say… I’m so glad that you have this whole thing figured out. Please Help Me! Because, I don’t. For some reason my brain isn’t allowing me to, just give in. I don’t know why?

Let me give you the story that I heard, that got my brain working overtime. Keeping in mind there were at least fifty stories I read after this one, where I had no such questions.

Lesbian couple wants to get married. Lesbian couple goes to photographer to ask them to take pictures of the wedding. Photographer says “We do not photograph same-sex weddings. But thanks for checking out our site! Have a great day!” (dick move) citing religious reasons. Lesbian couple sues and wins $6600 for discrimination.

Great day in the country right? Absolutely, they showed them. But… how good is it? I mean, I’m happy those backward ass hicks lost, but what if that were me. Now hold on… hear me out. What if some KKK, neo Nazi assholes (sorry folks, you can’t leave off the “assholes” when referring to them) came in and wanted me to build them a website? Clearly I would say “No, get out of here you Neo Nazi Assholes!” Could they sue me? Could they win!? What about my right as an individual and a “private” business owner? Now I realize that these two instances are barely comparable, but it still raises the question. Am I, as an individual and a private business owner, able to decide who I will and who I wont serve? At what point do I suspend those rights? Gender, Race, Sexual Preference, Religion, Assholishness? What if those Neo Nazi Assholes were really nice when they came in… What if all I had to tell me that’s who they were, was a swastika tattoo on one guys hand? What then? The line becomes even fuzzier if I dress them up in business suits. What rights do I have? What rights do they have? And that’s not even throwing in the “Religion” card. Clearly, this debate could go on in my head forever, so I’m just going to stop it now. Think about it, and help me out. Thanks.

Mail-in Rebate… I got that.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I have received a rebate! Thank you, to the fine people over at MSI who actually sent me the $20 check. I was already a fan of MSI products (having already bought mother board, DVD RW, and 2 SLI graphics cards), but now I’m a totally devoted customer!

Ok, lets back things up a little bit. Why am I so happy about this? Nobody really expects to receive a mail in rebate. If they did you’d have every right to laugh at them. Mail-in rebates are the carrots of retarded bunnies. People who buy a product solely based on the price after a mail-in rebate are those bunnies. This still doesn’t explain why I’m so happy though. Allow me to tell you my Best Buy story. The very first computer I ever bought, I purchased at Best Buy. It was an IBM something or other running at a super fast 300 mhz, and it was the bomb (kinda, for it’s time). Anyway, it was on sale for $150 !! after $150 in “mail-in rebates”. I was new to this scam, I didn’t fully know what was going to take place at the point of sale. I didn’t realize they were going to ream me with side items and AOL contracts, to the tune of some $400. I left the store with mixed feelings, I was happy that I got a computer, but what happened? Why did I feel like I just got abducted by aliens? Angry aliens! And why did I pay so much money? I didn’t have that kind of money, in fact this set me back in a very bad way, financially. Well, I guess I had better fill out this paperwork for these “mail-in rebates”. One rebate was for $30 off a printer, the other was $20 off a scanner, and the other was $100 from Best Buy.

Now, the story get really long from this point on, and spans over the next two(2) years, so I’ll try to shorten it up for you ADD kids. I managed to get the $30 rebate from the printer, so kudos to them whoever they were (I wanna say Cannon), because I sent the info directly to them. The other two however, need to go though Best Buy. I did everything they asked me to do. I sent them every bit of the original UPC labels and jumped through all their crazy friggin’ hoops. I wanted… no I NEEDED that money. And I waited. And I waited. Again, in the interest of keeping this short, I’ll break it down. After 3 months, I called the number they gave me. My claim was “being processed”, they said. Over the next year and 9 months, I had called them at least 50 times, sent them copies of my paper work and UPC information, and still nothing. Sometimes calling them once every day(business day of course) for weeks at a time. I had even gone into the store to try to talk to real live people. NOBODY could help! By the time I gave up, the people I was talking to didn’t even remember that Best Buy had run such a promotion. Yes, apparently I had run through an entire cycle of employees. It was the birth of my hatred for Best Buy, and the scam you all know as the “Mail-in Rebate”.

Oh sure, I’ll still fill out a mail-in rebate if there happens to be one attached, but I certainly don’t include a mail-in rebate into the price when making my decision. Nor do I expect to receive any money back. Retailers and Companies, put those on the ticket knowing that 90% of the population loves the sale price, but are too lazy to mail in the rebate. Or that those that will mail it in, will miss one of the hoops that they must jump through, and declare the claim VOID. So, to all you Retailers out there, just quit with the “Mail-in Rebate” crap. Instant Rebates are the way to go.