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SCC Advisory Board

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Last Thursday was my first official meeting as part of the SCC Digital Media Advisory Board. I met a lot of great people and for the next two years we will be an instrumental part of creating a challenging curriculum for the future SCC student body. A second smaller group of us have agreed to be part of an active member comity. Our first project is to discuss the importance of a strong portfolio and present this to the students. We have yet to decide exactly how we will be going about this, but I’m sure this will come up in the sub meeting.

A special thanks to Victoria, for inviting me to be a part of this.

Snake Oil

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Have you ever noticed that the only people you ever hear shouting the praises of the latest super juices are the ones selling it? I’ve never encountered anyone saying, “Man, you gotta try this stuff! I’ve never felt so good!!” on their own volition. Have you? That statement is usually followed two to three days later by, “hey, I can get you a case of that stuff if you want.” Inevitably, you’ll realize, either be chance or by their own account, that they are one of a gaggle of entrepreneurs seeking wealth by selling the next big miracle cure. The energetic sales pitch and promise of health, wealth, and beauty is alluring to the naïve and can even net the educated or street smart if dazed and confused by the fireworks. And then, some people are searching so hard for a cure or some relief of what ales them, that they’ll bite on any bait dangled in front of them. At any rate, the next time somebody starts telling you about “this stuff” that is sooooooo great, stop them and ask, “ I’d pay anything for that, do you happen to sell it?”. And if the say “well, actually I liked it so much I started to sell it, yeah.” Punch them right in the face!

How cool is Mars

Friday, April 18th, 2008

According to the 2 rovers, it ranges from between 80F and -225F. That’s pretty cool. But why are we in such a rush to get there? My guess is global warming. But not the “we are killing the earth” global warming you are use to, but more of a “the earth is drifting into the sun and there’s nothing you can do about it” kind of global warming. The way I figure it, NASA is making a huge push to get to Mars for more reasons that we know. So much so, that they have a team of people going. They’re going to settle on the red planet like some high-tech super campers, with shelter, growing their own special food, and each person has a specific job. No lie, they are going there for one reason and one reason only. Colonization. NASA doesn’t hype this group or for that matter, the mission itself. Why? Is it maybe because they don’t want to have to explain what they are doing, and why they are doing it. They want to get this first group up there to clear up the area and make room for others. That way, by the time the rest of the world figures out what is really going on, they’ll have at least half of the people they want already up there. It’s their way of weeding out the ones they’d rather not take… For whatever reason. Now of course when they finally do come clean with the truth, all hell is going to break loose. By that time there should only be 3 or maybe 4 shuttles left to transport people food and supplies to the Rock of Red Hope (or should that be “The Red Rock of Hope”? Let the media figure that out.). They will probably pick the smartest, healthiest, and strongest to go, and then of course, there will be those that think they can buy a spot on the last ship out. It’s going to get ugly, that’s all I know. So kids, stay in school, eat your Wheaties, and just maybe you’ll find yourself on a freezing rock with 125 other dorks trying to figure out who is doing the manual labor. Good times.