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A question/open letter to the FDOT and the Expressway Authority

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

To whom it may concern,
I’m not sure I completely understand your billing procedures.  I have an account set up through you, where in that account you automatically deduct funds from my bank account to replenish my Sunpass account as the Sunpass account gets low.

It’s a simple system, or so I believe, I use the toll roads and you take the money you need to cover my tolls.  I use your equipment to count the times and places where tolls are being taken.  Then you charge my Sunpass account the appropriate amount for each toll charged.  That about sums it up.

Somewhere along the way, this seemingly simple concept becomes completely befuddled.  Somehow these UNPAID TOLL VIOLATIONS keep ending up in my mail.  Now, I know that there’s money in the account…  You take it out of my bank account, all the time.  Plus I have it set up so that if the funds in that account ever dip below $20.00, you take an additional $20.00 to fill the account.  The account is always funded.

So where is the problem?

First, before we answer that, let me take you through a brief description of the issues that accompany an UNPAID TOLL VIOLATION.  

  1. There’s the problem of the violation itself.
  2. There are added fees to the violation.
  3. There is a possibility (for whatever reason) of legal repercussions.
  4. This is an unwanted, unneeded, unjustified, and completely unwarranted added hassle.

In short, YOU are costing me Time, Money, and Undue Stress.

“How is that?” you ask.

Well that brings us back to our first question, “Where is the problem?”

The problem seems to be stemming from your equipment.  To come to this conclusion I had to eliminate any possible errors that could have originated from my side that would contribute to a violation.  I’ve checked and rechecked the placement of your transponder on my windshield, and it completely coincides with the directions you’ve sent with it.  So, my next point of contention is car placement.  Fortunately you send a convenient photo of my vehicle that shows the cars positioning well within the correct lane of choice.  So that’s not it.  Next we move to the insufficient funds argument.   This could have been a viable answer, had these violations all been at the END of a distance traveled and between days.  However, you’ll find a great many of these violation exist in the MIDDLE of the start and end points of a single trip. Then I replaced the transponders with (you guessed it) new transponders that you provided. That, combined with the Auto Debit system being in place, and that removes the insufficient funds line of reasoning.   So if it’s not me, then the fault lies with you.

Now that we’ve established that these toll violations are not my fault, we then need to consider what is going on with your end?

I have two theories as to what is going on with your end.   Theory one is, that your equipment is malfunctioning, and causing false positives for toll running.  My second theory is of a much more sinister plot to overcharge your customers.  Although the first theory is much more plausible, due to recent events within the Expressway Authority’s Board of Directors, I’m leaning toward theory two.  But then, who could say for sure?

This does bring up a question though.  Why, if you know my account information, are you sending me UNPAID TOLL VIOLATIONS, when all you have to do is charge my account that fee of the toll that I supposedly “missed”?  I could only come to the conclusion/assumption that you would prefer to generate extra revenue by tacking on service charges and added fees?   Which of course, is somehow still legal?

Please respond.

The fact of the matter is this; You (FDOT/Sunpass/Expressway Authority), are costing me money and undue amounts of stress.   Regardless of your personal involvement in this matter, you (the above named entities) are directly responsible for a continued practice of what amounts to highway robbery.

Thank you in advance for your quick response.


UPDATE  04.15.14
After a lengthy set of emails and the eventual phone dialog, I have finally gotten the SunPass/Epass entities to admit that they have been over charging me.  That the unpaid violations were in fact errors on their part.  One thing they refuse to do is come to some satisfying response as to WHY it is happening.   Further more, I must now take MORE time out of my schedule to research just how far back this misconduct has been going on.  Or how wide spread it is.   I can’t be the only person to be experiencing this issue.

Gov. Rick Scott, the modern Viking.

Friday, May 20th, 2011

If by Viking you’re thinking of the brave and fierce warrior, then I’m sure you’re scratching your head right now.   But that’s not quite the vision I was going for.  I was thinking more along the lines of, unclean hordes of men that would rape, pillage and plunder, small defenseless villages.   Yeah, that’s closer to the reality of our Governor.

   I’ve been holding off on this post for so long, waiting to put everything together before I typed out anything final.   But every time I started writing, he would do something else incredibly insane.  I finally figured he wasn’t going to ever stop, so I had better sit down and write something or I’d never get a chance too.  Maybe that’s part of his plan, hit people with so much insanity, they’ll forget half of what he did before they can say anything.

   Florida attracts two kinds of people.   Those who are mentally encumbered, and those who are criminally inclined.  This is not just a rant or a blanket joke for amusement, it’s a  statistically sound statement.  Just look at what we did.   The Voters, elected the King of the mentally hampered, and criminally inclined, to the position of Governor!   So the very notion that Florida should be capable of making intelligent decisions, should be laughed in to oblivion.  But, I digress.

   Governor Scott’s laundry list of self-help policies grows bigger by the day.   Let me review a few, so those of you not in Florida can feel a little better about your own political train wrecks. 

   Most of you know Rick Scott as the man behind the biggest (not one of the biggest, THE BIGGEST) Medicare fraud scandals ever to be brought before the courts.  Ending in his company having to pay one of the largest fines in history.  But, what about Rick Scott, the politician?   After buying the Republican nomination and then duping his nitwitted constituency by dodging questions and simply not showing for interviews or debates, he became Governor of Florida.   Seemingly out of nowhere, like a surprise Viking attack, he landed on our shores and began his assault.

   As Governor, Rick Scott would start a new a reign of political terror that would make any mafia boss proud.  Every policy is geared to loosen his restraints and leave us unprotected from his corporate style raping, pillaging and plundering.   Every policy would benefit his fellow Vikings and they lay in wait to loot the coffers of a battered state.  Local governments were soon embattled with tactics of corporate merger and hostile takeover.  Tactics they were unprepared for.

   Governor Scott, like any warrior, knew to attack the weakest points first, and he did so with a swift stroke.   Attack the education system.    Almost defenseless, it would be easy to undermine, and its yield would be two fold.   The tactics were simple, cut funding for the public schools, throw in a voucher for the wealthy to help pay for private schools.  The goal: divide the classes further apart for easier control.   The wealthy will increase their knowledge base, and the poor/middle class will be left with sub standard education.  Knowledge is power, and should only be available to those who can afford it. 

   Governor Scott’s next plan of attack is to make sure his team of warriors is well funded.   He can’t do that with the current rules and regulations in place.   So his first step was to halt all government agencies from implementing any new rules.  Any new regulation or rule, no matter how small, must now go directly through him.   Yeah, can you imagine,  all state run agencies, now have to go through him if they want to make any local policy changes.   It’s absurd. 

   Next, taxes.   His plan is to abolish corporate income taxes.   Straight up.   He’s going under the guise of creating jobs, but you and I both know this is a return to trickle down economics and doesn’t work.   This method of madness combined with the deregulation and the removal of some licensing practices is only useful for one thing; the creation of business fronts that can be used to launder money while going unchecked by local governing bodies.  Corporations aren’t going to hire more people while demand for product is still at an all time low.   The corporate taxes won’t be lost however, it will be passed down to the average tax payer.   Again, lets divide the classes and make sure the wealthy aren’t as affected by the recession, it’s the only way.

   Okay, enough with the Viking analogies, I think you get the point.  I need to wrap this up with some quick examples of what kind of criminal we’ve elected here.


   Healthcare:  mandatory drug testing of state employees. -  He stands to make millions off of this through his chain of walk-in clinics (Solantic), that he has slyly turned over to his wife when he took office.   The clinics potential customer base will grow exponentially as a direct result.  Add that in with the possibility of him creating an internal policy to push his/her clinics through vouchers or discounts, and we could have a very serious conflict of interest issue.  Slick Rick…  very slick. 

   Healthcare Second Dose:  Medicaid overhaul plan. – (and I ask, “how is this guy even allowed anywhere near these plans, given his history?)  - Privatization plan that gives HMO’s control over the governments healthcare plan for the poor.  Again, Solantic stands to make out like a bandit on this one.   Does everyone see the connection between walk-in clinics and poor people?   Oh and he’s heading up a bill currently that would require people applying for welfare to also be drug tested.   He’s literally creating business for himself.   Eeeerr, excuse me, for HIS wife’s company.  (I wouldn’t want to get sued.)   Keeping in mind, this is also set to expand after the Affordable Care Act. is set in motion, and it is my belief that this is his intension.

   Healthcare Third Dose:   Kill anti-drug fraud database.  (is it me, does anyone else here see a healthcare pattern?) – In shock and dismay to everyone, even to his own party, Gov. Scott repealed an anti-drug fraud database which tracks prescription drugs from Florida’s “pill mills”.   The database doesn’t even cost Floridians any money, it was federally and privately funded.   There is growing speculation that his connections to pharmaceutical companies, who stand to lose money if the database is successful, as the reason behind his rush to crush its use here.   Now, anyone that knows me knows I’m not a fan of keeping databases on anyone, but if you’re going to crush a database, do it in the name of personal privacy, not the almighty dollar.

   Public Policies for Him, Not You:   Privatization of county Jails – This will bring in outside contractors or firms to directly oversee and take over a percentage of the states correctional facilities.   If you don’t think Prisons for Profit is a huge problem, I suggest you Google it.   Take a few minutes out of your day to and check out the PBS documentary film.   Heck, watch any of them, there are plenty to choose from.   It’s a Prison…  Corporations are making money off of it.   The possibility of a corruption outbreak is too huge to even think about.   See the problem?  

    I was right, he’s not going to stop any time soon.  This article could go on forever, so let me try to hurry it up.


   As I write this he is coming under investigation yet again.  This time for his shutting down of a watchdog organization.  The organization of VOLUNTEERS was a nursing home resident advocacy group in Florida.   Brian Lee the states ombudsman (groups director) sent a letter to 677 nursing homes reminding them to send in their information of corporate ownership records.   This is the first time they’ve even had to do that, and it would prevent them from hiding their actual owners.   Soon after, Gov. Scott received a letter from the trade group that represents the Nursing home industry (Florida Assisted Living Association).   Shortly after that letter, Rick Scott dismissed Brian Lee, bringing the volunteer advocacy groups work to a grinding halt.   When you shut down watchdog organizations, there’s a FUCKING problem!   And now it’s Rick Scott fucking old people.   Rick Scott’s already fucked the kids, so why not the old folks as well.   Hell, Rick Scott is raping everyone.

   To continue:   Rick Scott is also, with the help of some friends, trying to shut down the DCA, and turn over protected land to developers.   They’re stopping early voting.  They’re even fighting the wish of the voters on fair districting, using the tax payers money to fight it in court, to the tune of $300,000.00!!!  That’s right your money is fighting YOU.   Rick Scott has killed the Light Rail, and cost us 2 Billion Dollars.  He did that even before reading the research into whether it was a cost effective project, which it was.   Rick Scott is a major dick, and is going to continue to rape the state of Florida until he gets every drop of money he can out of it.   He’s not here for you, or your children.   He doesn’t care if you have a job, or if you’re homeless.   He doesn’t want you to be educated, or able to question his methods.   He is a Viking, in the worst possible way, and he will kill as many of us as he can to get what he wants.


   I’ve had to stop just so I could finally put this out.   There is so, so much more.


NOTE: Names that should be on the List of Idiots.

Rick Scott :  Humanity Score – 4   ( 4 = Darth Cheney Evil )

Dean Cannon:    Humanity Score – 32

Mike Haridopolos:   Humanity Score - 40

List of Idiots: Trump

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

   Today’s Idiot, Donald Trump.  We’re all aware of Trump’s general day-to-day buffoonery, and his crazy “Birther” views only perpetuated his complete disconnect from reality.   Perhaps his affliction is less of a disconnect and more of a racism problem?   This was even more evident when president Obama released his long form birth certificate, and Trump’s immediate response was to then question Obama’s collegiate records.   Hate for a man so deep, based on his name and color, can only be the product of racism.  Some people simply cannot stand that a black man is the president.   I would believe these “Birthers” to be such people.   No matter what Obama does these people will relentlessly stay ignorant.   And depending on what Poll you go by, they all seem to say that around half the republicans are Birthers.   I just find that funny.   Not surprising, but funny.   So by default, does that make about half the Republicans racists, or just nuts?

Lol, just nuts…   Like I haven’t been called that before.   At least I’m not a racist.


Today’s Idiot: Donald Trump

Humanity Score: 65 

(he’s not completely evil, just a little Koo-Koo. And honestly, I think he’s got his head so far up his ass, he doesn’t realize he’s a racist.)