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Putin strikes again, maybe.

Monday, March 14th, 2016

The mysteries surrounding former Putin aide’s death last Novemeber, grow as the DC medical examiner releases cause of death as Blunt Force Trauma to the head.  Mikhail Lesin was rumored to be on a list of the CIA’s highly valuable resources for a while now, but it was loosely sculpted.  His murder by the Putin regime, while still very ambiguous, would seem to back that theory up.   Included in the supporting evidence was a substantial number of assets in both Europe and the U.S. ranging in the millions of dollars that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, during his time as Putin’s aide.  Now, those funds can be seen as a “benefit” of being in Putin’s inner circle, or it can be seen as CIA “informant money”.  While there is still a huge lack of evidence connecting Putin to the murder of Lesin, it is the opinion of the author that murder is something Putin has repeatedly proven himself very fond of, as a means to deal with a situation.

Unfortunately, when dealing with two highly secretive governments, information is nearly impossible to get, and even scarcer is accurate information.  We’d have to stumble upon some “Snowden documents” to find anything of value.  Which brings me to another thought;   What if the Putin regime DID stumble upon a Snowden document that outed Lesin? They have access, so what if there was information linking Lesin to the CIA?  We’re still not really sure how much sensitive information was in the unreleased documents that Snowden has, so there is a possibility.

Donald Trump

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Donald Trump is a product of Republican ideals, yet I keep hearing how much the Republican Party hates him. Trump has been following the Republican Party’s stances on almost every key issue, yet they disavow him as, “crazy” or unfit for office.

Trump says, “Build a wall!”  Republican legislators currently have a bill asking for a giant wall.
Trump says, “halt to all Muslim immigration.”  Republican legislators have fought the acceptance of Syrian refugees on every instance.  Ted Cruz has even gone as far as to back a proposal that would only allow Syrian Christians enter the U.S.
Trump says, “I’ll do away with Obamacare!”  Republicans…  well.

On nearly every issue, he has toted the company line.  Yet they don’t like him.  Why?

Because, the Republicans don’t particularly like it when he talks about their agenda, it makes them sound crazy.  Crazy is as crazy does.  And they work very hard to keep the lid on their brand of crazy.  But make no mistake, Trump is no crazier than any of the other Republican candidates, he’s just louder.

For you moderate Republicans, I’m sorry.  The Republican party has been sowing the seeds of a Trump-like candidate for a very long time now, albeit unwittingly.  And it’s harvest day.  The hard-core right-wing ideology of your most recent party leaders has ushered in a new wave of mentality among your voting base.  All the fear mongering, all the ignorant rhetoric, all the nonsense…  It’s all finally embedded into the people who have listened to them.  And now you’re stuck with Trump.  Maybe, had a more moderate tone prevailed in your party, you wouldn’t be in this predicament.   Which unfortunately, now we all have to deal with.

I can sympathize, in a two party government; I’m not in control of what the Democrats do either…  But then, I’m not a member of their party.  Perhaps it’s time we forget the old ways.  Tear down the established method of insanity and bring about a new era of government.

Here’s why Donald Trump is actually dangerous.

Friday, August 7th, 2015

A thought on Donald Trump.  While we all get a good laugh and get to poke fun at him and his ridiculous ways, we need to pay attention.  Donald Trump is a distraction.

Over the years the Republican party has used a “Flashbulb” distraction tactic to cover their actions.  Much like the famously used Bush Tax Refunds of the early 2000’s, Donald Trump is offered to us on a silver platter.  And it worked.  With his brand of crazy, we’re all getting a huge laugh and listening to every moronic word coming out of his mouth and focusing on him, almost completely.  While all our attention is on Trump, none of us are really listening to what the OTHER morons are saying and believe me, they are saying a lot.  But they are talking, and they’re able to say a LOT of crazy shit right now while nobody is paying attention.   They’re using him to such great effect, that you don’t even realize just how batshit crazy the other candidates are.  He actually makes them look sane, which is exactly what he’s supposed to be doing.

Trumps other job is to unite the party.  The republican party knows they cannot afford another Tea Party, primarily a split in the party, dividing their disenfranchised “dirt conservatives” from their “corporate conservatives”.  ( I believe I’ve explained this in previous posts.  If not, I’ll do that later.)  However, by adding Trump into the mix, they’ve given themselves something that they can unite over.  Or should I say something they can unite against, WITHIN their party.  Uniting against a Democrat wasn’t enough and still caused the party to split. Trump is their beacon of light (or darkness) from within the party, and he will be used effectively as such.

So give so much time to ol’ Donald.  He’s a tool.  Pay attention to the other candidates and listen to what they’re saying.  I think you’ll find they are considerably more dangerous.